My Hero

Lilli is just a normal girl, She is the popular one around school, her life was perfect until one day she came back from school and her parents all of a sudden stared abusing her on the other hand Katie bough her tickets to see 5sos backstage, Lilli and the boys started getting close, can the boys help or will they leave Lilli in misery


1. 1

Lilli's P.O.V

I woke up to the sound of my alarm beeping, I turned it off and got dressed Into a bright orange top and light blue denim shorts I grabbed my make up bag and put on some make up, I brushed my hair till it was straight and went downstairs to grab an apple, I finished it off and chucked it into the bin and left the house

15 minutes later

I soon arrived at school everyone staring at me making compliments like "she's so pretty" and "omg I wish I looked like her" I just smile and walked over to my friends and my bæ Katie came up to me and eeked "I have a surprise for you" as she rummaged through her bag and pulled out two tickets I'm guessing, she handed one to me and on it it said:

5 seconds of summer


Row A


My face froze, she knew I was a massive fan of 5sos! "Omg Katie thank you so much! Did we get backstage passes?" She nodded as I jumped up and down.

*skip to break*

"Hey Lilli come over here!" A bunch of boys and girls shouted over to me, I nodded and walked over to them

"So, are you going to the 5sos concert?" A girl asked

I nodded "cool, uhm do you mind if you FaceTime me and let me talk to 5sos please?"

"Yeah, sure what's your number?" She scribbled down some numbers on a piece of paper and thanked me, "your welcome!" I said and walked back to my friends.

*skip to the end of the day*

"Hey Lilli I'll pick you up tomorrow at 5:00 the concert starts at 7:00 but we can get something to eat see ya then bæ!" I smiled "bye bæ!!

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