Wrapped Around Your Finger

Something about her intrigues me. I can't explain it. There is just something about her that I can't leave behind. I can't stop thinking about her. I have to make her mine. -Ashton Irwin


5. Saturday- Diary Entry #5

Friday, June 17

6: 59 pm

Dear Cammie,

Since we go home tomorrow, we decided to go crazy. We split up and I went straight for the water slide. I went down it probably four times- took a double ride with a cute red-head at one point- before going straight for volleyball, then to the karaoke bar. I ended up winning a sing-off- beat that, Luke!- before finally meeting up with the others. Luke was still sort of upset that I beat him, but after I bought him some ice cream he was happy again. I swear the boy is a four-year-old. Though I guess I can't say much, I had to bed Michael to buy me a cone after I bought Luke' since I realized to late I didn't have the right change.

Anyways, now I'm in Luke and I's room, getting ready for clubbing. Every other night I've tried to stay somewhat sober, but tonight I'm going to get wasted.

I'm falling for you hard -Ash

Don't really like it, maybe something else? -Luke

Yeah, what about something about how you're totally wrapped around Ms. Adell's finger? -Calum

I'm not wrapped around her finger! -Ash

You're so whipped, dude. -Michael

I refuse to agree with you. -Ash

You had me wrapped around your finger -Calum

Oh, and how about 'I'm wrapped around your finger' after that? -Michael

Guys! -Ash

Okay, so it'll go like this

You had me wrapped around your finger
I'm wrapped around your finger

And we could repeat it a few times, what about seven, maybe? -Calum

Can you not?! -Ash

Yeah, I agree with seven. So the finished product is this.

You had me wrapped around your finger
I'm wrapped around your finger [x7]


I've got to go, we're leaving. This is going to be one night that probably shouldn't go in the books, if you know what I mean.

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