Wrapped Around Your Finger

Something about her intrigues me. I can't explain it. There is just something about her that I can't leave behind. I can't stop thinking about her. I have to make her mine. -Ashton Irwin


1. Monday- Diary Entry #1

Monday, June 13

3:14 pm

Dear Cammie,

So this is my first Cammie entry. And yes, I named you Cammie. I refuse to say I write in a journal, so you are now dubbed Cammie. A friend mentioned that he writes in a journal to organize his thoughts for songs, so I decided to try it.

I'm currently in the cabin of the of the cruise I'm on, praying to God no one comes in and wondering what happened earlier.

Wondering why I'm on a cruise? Well, it all started when Luke won a free week-long cruise for five. He decided to take us and his cousin- also Michael's girlfriend- since we'd all like a week of relaxation and song writing- but mostly relaxation. You should know if I'm going to be writing in- to- whatever I'm doing, that I'm in a band. I'm the drummer. We haven't been discovered yet, but I'm hoping it happens soon.

So here we are, on the awesome cruise ship, the Magic. When we got to the ship, Luke decided he needed a smoothie, so I was stuck dragging both his and my own luggage. He's been using the 'I-got-you-the-cruise-and-I-can-take-it-away' card ever since he won, and I already want to kill him.

I had finally pawned a few of Luke's bags onto Calum- Grace refused to take any, according to her, 'holding the luggage is a boy's job', which explains why Michael was also holding Grace's bags when I saw her.

She was beautiful, no girl I had ever seen could compare. She was leaning against a wall, her chocolate brown eyes surveying the chaos that was people boarding the ship. Her curly black hair was spilling around her shoulder, and her peach tank top and white booty shorts showed off her glowing cocoa skin well.

I couldn't look away, I felt something inside me trying to pull me to her. I took a step toward her, then another, but suddenly Luke was in front of me, holding out his hands for his bags, breaking the spell.

When we walked away after checking in, heading to the elevators with our hands full, I couldn't help but look back. And to my surprise, she was staring right at me, a small smirk tugging on her lips and a mischievous glint in those beautiful eyes.

Now I'm laying on my bed, unable to stop thinking about her. Her beautiful eyes, gorgeously long legs, curvy body. She's the exact opposite of what my type is, yet I can't wait to see her again. Something about her intrigues me. I can't explain it. There is just something about her that I can't leave behind. I can't stop thinking about her. I have to make her mine.


Monday, June 13

6: 40 pm

Dear Cammie,

Her name is Seriphina. Seriphina Adell. She boarded alone, all alone. I've been hanging out on the activities deck of the ship, in the pool area. Yes, we're surrounded by water, yet there is a pool. And an awesome waterslide.

Anyway, I had been lounging in one of the beach chairs with the rest of the band- including Grace- just sipping a mango-strawberry smoothie when she appeared as if out of nowhere. One moment the beach chair was empty, the next, she sat there, sipping her own smoothie nonchalantly.

I just watched her like a creepy stalker, leaving the conversation I was having with Calum behind. The way she put her lips around the straw was so sexy, the way she laid there, arm behind her head and a wispy string of raven hair splayed across the side of her face.

At some point Michael said that we should play Chicken, so I agreed, figuring if I won, she would be impressed. The teams were Calum and Luke and Michael and I, Luke and I on top while Grace was our official splasher to make it more difficult.

Let's just say, Grace definitely made it more difficult.

Michael and I won, but that was only because Grace hit Luke so hard with a splash he fell backwards and didn't surface for a good twenty seconds.

It was around then that Seriphina did a graceful dive off the side of the pool, black bikini slicing through the air. Luke surfaced just to get hit with the wave Seriphina caused, so down he went again.

I started wondering whether I should go over there, maybe talk to her a bit, when a man- that I had to admit was extremely attractive- sauntered over to her, a confident smirk that conveyed the fact that he thought he was a god.

He knelt on the edge of the pool, asked her name, and I knew exactly what was about to happen. She smiled seductively, and I had to slip under the water  to calm myself.

When I surfaced, she was saying her name. Seriphina Adell.

Seriphina Adell. Her name rattled around my brain. The exoticness of it, the sexiness of it.

At this point I seriously needed to cool down, so I swam to the bottom of the pool, thirteen feet. I sat there about ten seconds before surfacing, just to the man staring after Seriphina, his mouth open wide as she strutted away, her towel wrapped around her.

And the sultry smile she sent over her shoulder towards him? Mini-Me was begging for her as she disappeared. All I can say is I'm not okay, man. That girl is fine.

We stayed at the pool a bit longer, maybe another hour, before going back to our rooms. I share with Luke, Calum and Michael share, and Grace is lucky since she gets her own room.

I hit the shower, washing the chlorine out of my hair and body, using very cold water since Mini-Me was still very excited, which earned me a lot of teasing. We had decided at the pool to get Chez Nuit, the super fancy restaurant on Deck Three. All of our food and rooming was free because Luke won the cruise- we also get a free spa day, so we're going all out.

I'm waiting for Luke to get out of the shower and


Monday, June 13

10: 21 pm

Dear Cammie,

Turns out Luke had been dressed and ready for a good ten minutes, sot that's why I left mid-sentence. Anyways, we went to dinner- I got the chicken alfredo(delicious!)- which wasn't very eventful. Though it was hilarious when Calum flirted with a girl that was alone at her table. Turned out her boyfriend was in the bathroom. Then we decided to go see the play some of the staff were performing about a woman who loses her engagement ring and goes to extreme lengths to get it back. I have to admit, it was entertaining.

I didn't see Seriphina, which was disappointing, but I did see her go into her room, which is room 143 on- what I call it the backyard of the boat. I tossed a few pebbles at her window, trying to get her attention, but she didn't appear, so there went that.

Because we've all got an appointment for our massage at nine, and I don't normally even start moving until ten, so I'm heading to bed.


My life seemed so perfect?? -Luke

Ah.... No. -Michael

My life seemed like a movie?? -Ash

Add something before 'life', it doesn't sound right. -Calum

My whole life seemed like a movie, maybe? -Michael

Not movie, something else? -Luke

My whole life seemed like... a postcard. -Ash

Yes! -All

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