Daisy ring

Daisy Payne is a 20 year old woman who lives in Paris, France. Her brother Liam comes back with his band mates to visit her while their off your for a few days. They bring her along with them on their next tour round the globe. She gets pulled into the famous life and falls for one of the boys. But she has a deep secret.


7. Meeting the world

~Daisy's P.O.V.~

I stir and finally wake up with some one laying on top of me. I open my eyes an see Zayn laying there still sleeping. I smile and try to sit up but my lower region is sore. I blush at what we did yesterday. 'I can't believe I had sex with Zayn.' I thought and look at his sleeping form. I look at the time and see Zayn's phone going off. I reach over to answer it but a hand stops me. I follow the hand up the arm and see a serious Zayn face. I gulp and try to pull my hand away but he had a strong grip,"Explain to me why you were going to touch my phone. No one touches my phone."

I shrink back at his tone of voice and tremble a little bit. He pushed himself off of me and picked up his phone,"yeah...Alright...Okay I will...We'll be right there...yeah...okay I see well bye."

When Zayn finished he turned to me and smirked,"I think you need a punishment for trying to touch my phone. He said and stood up.

He picks me up an throws my over his shoulder. I squeal as he walks into the bathroom. I hear water running and I look over my shoulder, Zayn had turned on the shower. He set me down and looked at me,"Get undressed and meet me in the shower."

I looked at his body, he had no clothes on. Oh wait last night we had sex. I looked at my body and I only had my bra on. Reaching behind my back I unhook it and let it fall to the floor. I wasn't the big in the chest area. Liam knew that cause he used to dress me. I step in the showers to see Zayn covered in water. His hair wet and not in it Mohawk form. I walk up behind him and wrap my arms around his waist, my breast pushing against his back. He turns around and pins me against the wall,"Your gonna do that to me. Well damn I might as well give you your punishment."

I blush and look at him,"Zayn....please stop..." I say and it seems to make him snap out of it. I feel his head on my shoulder and his hands on my waist. I wrap my arms around him and sigh,"I'm sorry Daisy. I didn't mean too. I'm just like that in the morning when in don't get a good sleep."

I kiss his head,"Let's finish the shower and get ready. Remember we have a tour to go on today."

He smiles and nods. I grab the shampoo as he grabs the body wash. I start to wash my hair as he washes mine and his body. I blush as we rinse off together. I grab a towel and wrap in around me. He does the same but just around his lower half. We walk into our room and grab some clothes. He got changed first since he didn't want me to be embarrassed about him being in here while I was changing. I smile as he leaves and put on my bra and underwear. They were a dark red with Black lace. I put on some short shorts and a red tank top. I grab a flannel top and putting it on some it covered my bruises.

I put on some vans and fix my hair so it's wavy. I do a bit of makeup to go along with it then I grab my suitcase. I pack the dresses and clothes I got yesterday and some underwear and bras. I packed my makeup and hair stuff. I put some more regular clothes in and zip it up. I grab it and walk down stairs an set it next to everyone else's. I walk into the kitchen to see Harry cooking this time. I kiss Liam's cheek and sit on Zayn's lap. I smile as Niall and Louis walk down happy as ever,"Thanks for letting us stay here Daisy. Mae haven't had time to ourselves in a long time. We are very thankful."

I nod and smile,"Here ya go guys." Harry said and gave everyone a plate.

My and Zayn ate off of one together and so did Niall and Louis. When we finished we all put the suitcases in the van and drove to the airport. We got on a private plane and took off to London.

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