Daisy ring

Daisy Payne is a 20 year old woman who lives in Paris, France. Her brother Liam comes back with his band mates to visit her while their off your for a few days. They bring her along with them on their next tour round the globe. She gets pulled into the famous life and falls for one of the boys. But she has a deep secret.


6. A 'relaxing' day

~Zayn's P.O.V.~

I smile an watch Daisy sleep. She looks so peaceful and happy. I look at the time, 'Better wake her up. It's almost 9.' I think and look back at her. I start to kiss all over her face. I hear her giggle and moan as I did. I stop as see her open her beautiful green eyes. 'how is she related to Liam? I don't know,' I think and smile. "Morning my Daisy Ring."

I see her smile and sit up. I watch as she changes into some baggy sweats and one o my shirts. She looked adorable with it on. It was way to big on her and it fell on of her left shoulder. She crawled back in be and I changed into some sweats and a shirt. I lay down beside her and she turns on the Tv. "A relaxing day with you beautiful is great."

I blushed and put on 'CandyMan' an old superstition. It was that if you said CandyMan 5 times into a mirror he would appear and kill. I never believed it but when I looked over at Daisy she was scared and hiding in my side. I chuckle and kiss her head,"CandyMan is not real Daisy. Trust me." I said and she looked up at me.

I brush some of her hair out of her face and looked into her eyes. We both leaned in and met each other for a very heated and passionate kiss. I pull her onto my lap. I deepen the kid and set my hands on her hips. I licked her bottom lip and she gladly opened up.

I slid my tongue into her mouth and explored it. We pulled away and a string a saliva kept us together. I felt her quickly get off as the door opened and Liam walked in,"Hey Zayn, I need your help." He said before he walked back out.

I sighed and sat up,"what does he need help with around here." I complained and stood up. I slipped on some shoes and looked at Daisy,"I'll be back I promise." I smiled and kissed her head.

I walk out and down the stairs, into the living room. I see everyone their sitting in the furniture,"What's going on?" I ask looking worriedly at all of their faces.

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