Daisy ring

Daisy Payne is a 20 year old woman who lives in Paris, France. Her brother Liam comes back with his band mates to visit her while their off your for a few days. They bring her along with them on their next tour round the globe. She gets pulled into the famous life and falls for one of the boys. But she has a deep secret.


5. A girls day out pt.2

~Zayn's P.O.V.~

I look at Daisy as she drives. 'My god is she beautiful. I wish she could be mine.' I think and put my hand on her thigh. I saw her blush and I chuckled. I leaned over to her ear and kissed it gently,"Your very beautiful my Daisy Ring."

I lean back into my seat and she is tomato red. I smile as we enter the streets of Paris. I look around as she parks the van in a parking lot. We all get out and walk out into the slight crowded streets. I look around as Daisy grabs my wrist,"Come on guys, the coffee shop is over there." She said and pointed at a small cute cafe.

We follow her and she moves her hand to mine, intertwining our fingers. I smile and pull her close as we walk across the street.

I smile and hold open the door for her and everyone else. I walk in behind them and we wait in line. It only took five minutes for us on to get to the register. We all order our coffees and I see Daisy pull out her wallet. I stop her an pull mine out,"I'll pay. My treat to everyone."

I see she smiles and nods as she puts her wallet away again in her back pocket. I pay for everyone's coffee and we wait for our coffee. When we get our coffees we leave and I wrap my arm around Daisy's waist and put my hand on her hip. I smile as she cuddles my side as she drinks some of her Carmel Mocha. I kiss her head softly and kept her close. I drank some of my Carmel Cream Latté and see Daisy stop at a dress shop and look through the window. "Come on. Let's go inside." She pleads and we all laugh.

We walk inside and we watch her walk around and look at some dresses. I sat down on a couch in front of the changing room and relaxed. Everyone else sat next to me and we watched her and a store lady walk into the changing room with several different dresses.

~Daisy's P.O.V.~

I put on the first dress. It was a long sleeved sliver mermaid dress with a tint of blue on it. It had an open back and a low cut front around the chest area. I smile and walk out and see the boys look at me like I was a goddess. I smile,"Do you like it?"

They all nod and I walk back into the dressing room. I take off the dress and put a short mid-thigh tight, long sleeved, very low cut front that make my chest pop out, and a beautiful blood red color to it. I try on a few more dress and bought 6 an a few regular clothes. I buy the boys some suits and clothe then we head to dinner. We go to a slight fancy restaurant and eat quickly cause people start to recognize the boys. We finish and I pay. We get up and start to walk out till blinding flashes shine in our eyes. I quickly take the boys to the van and get in. I drive home and we get out. Harry and Zayn had switched rooms and got settled. Liam insisted on it, but I was okay with it.

I put my clothes away in my closet and help Zayn with his. I lay down on my bed an Zayn lays next to me after turning off the light. I giggle as loud moans and groans come from Niall's and Louis' room. I soon all asleep to Zayn's hums and soft singing of 'Little Things'.

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