Fnaf (humans)

Fnaf! This is my first so please dont hate... And if you ever have ideas on how i can improve the story coment !


1. Visitors!

Won beautiful summer afternoon, at Freddy Fazbears pizzeria, every won was filled with excitement. They where getting visitors from a sister location. Chica was changing into her new dress she recently bot, Freddy and pacing back and forth in the dining aria thinking about how the was going to welcome them, Bonnie was sitting on the stage tuning his guitar for the show they where going to put on, and Foxy was in the pirates cove cleaning up the place since it was a mess from the past weak.

Mr. Fazbear walked in with a joyful look on his is face.

"I can see you guys are really excited for the visitors!" Mr. Fazbear said happily."Foxy! Your even cleaning to cove! Now that's a surprise!" He said in shock.

"Ay capin. I thout it was a mess in here. What do ye think?" Foxy said as he opened the curtains to reveal a shiny red front of a ship that had a door in the middle. Plastic relics where neatly lined up against the wall.

"Nice work I haven't seen the cove that clean sines we opened! How did you do it?" Mr. Fazbear asked leaning in closer to get a better look.

"I cant say I didn't h-" Chica was interrupted by a lowed knock coming from the front door.

" EVERY WON! Get ready fast thats them!" Freddy yelled in panic running to the stage in his place. Chica, Bonnie, and Foxy did the same. Mr. Fazbear ran to the door to unlock it.

Two men waring work uniforms cam in with two large wooden boxes. They rolled them into the stage room where the crew was. The men opened won of the wooden boxes to reveal to teen girl animortonic's. They both walked out in amassment to what they where looking at. The men opened the other won a teen boy and girl walked out with the same reaction as the other two.

All of them looked at each other with a shocked look on there face. Silence hit the building. Freddy was the first won to speek.

"H-hello, I'm Freddy Fazbear!" Freddy said then stumbling a little.

" Hi I'm Chica..." Chica said nervously looking at the grownd.

" I'm your best buddy bonnie the bunny!" Bonnie said seeming to be the only won with full confidence.

Foxy opened the certens to the cove." Hay, I'm foxy the best pirate to ever crosse the seven s-" Foxy suddenly tripped of the side, then quickly getting up.

" Hello every won in Fredda Fazbear, and this is my crew!" Won of the girls said in a joyful toon.

" Hi... I-I'm Bonnie the bunny but y-you can call me Bon..." Another won of the girls said nervously.

" Sup! I'm Chico. I bet this will be a great visit!" The boy said.

"I'm Foxette" the last girl said.

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