Little Tris: Faction Mistakes

As a little girl, Tris (Beatrice) made lots of mistakes in her old Faction (Abnegation). Here, I will tell you a few of them. Enjoy!
(For the BattleOfTheFandoms competition.)


2. Age 7

It was a cold day, and Tris was walking home from school with Caleb. They eventually walked past a Factionless alleyway, and saw some Factionless people shivering.

Caleb gladly gave his coat to an old lady, but Tris was really cold. She refused to give her warm coat to an old man, who was shaking next to a wall. Caleb was astounded, and apologised to the man and his family. He gave his other jacket to him, and continued to walk home.

Tris mumbled sorry and carried on walking. When they got home, Caleb had no other choice than to tell their parents what had happened.

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