Cathy Livingstone lives in the glamorous California where the sand is golden and everyone is popular. All except her, her historian parents believe that she is popular, due to her 'fake story's'. When the new boy comes to LakeBridge High, she takes an instant disliking to him, but can he change her mind before the girls go crazy for his British accent?


2. Chapter 2-Hideaway

This chapter is dedicated to Koolgurl46! Go follow her!

I watched Sydney bounce out of the assembly hall, on her way to try and manipulate her way out of doing PE. I had decided long ago that I was going to hide round the back, by the science department and try to finish off Little Women. No one ever goes round there, it's where they put all the excess rubbish from the Tech rooms just round the corner. But I find I little wooden chair that someone didn't want to take home.

When I get there, I hear Miss Kelly's whistle blow to get the girls to listen to her, I basically skip every PE lesson, so it's nothing new for Miss Kelly to not see me there. Her blonde ponytail swished in the wind as she was showing the girls where they had to run from, her head going side to side.

The boys were on the AstroTurf, just beside me, but it was impossible for them to see me, not like I'm invisible anyway. I sigh and look down at my book, ignoring the shouts from the boys playing football. My mind blanks out for a moment and I forget where I am, I am surrounded by noises of sporty people, and it didn't feel like the right place for me.

"Oh thank god. Someone wanted to skip PE too." I hear behind me, a boys voices. A soft voice. A posh voice. A British voice. There was only one boy in the school with a British accent. Luke Abby. I shoved my book into my side bag and got up.

"Hey, what's wrong?" He saw my distress and stood in my path, the only way to get to my Plan B hideaway spot. I roll my eyes, and hunch my shoulders over to show I'm uncomfortable.

"Luke Abby, and you?" He whispers, looking slightly over my shoulder to see the sweaty boys play football. I feel like I shouldn't answer. But he would probably punch me if I said nothing. He's just going to be a ignorant, selfish popular boy who is going to control my life and is going to throw a textbook at my head.

"Cathy. Cathy Livingstone." I introduce awkwardly, he looks back at me, blue eyes twinkle in the sun, like Miss Kelly's hair, but he has brown hair in a swift quiff. I push my glasses slightly up as I look down.

"Hm, nice name. I hate sports, I only like cricket." Luke moves out my way and I was on the verge of sprinting away but something in my mind tells my eyes to follow him. I know my bullies inside and out, so I need to know him.

"I don't like sports either..." I tremble, I look at him staring at the goalkeeper in a blue, sweat covered vest. Maybe if I could change his mind about me, he might make the others think I'm cool. I mean, everyone listens to the new kid, even if he was from England. The conversation stops and he turns to face me, waiting for me start a new one.

"Whereabouts in England are you from?" I ask, inching closer to him, making think I'm comfortable being around people. Luke looks surprised,

"You know I'm from England?" I nod,

"That Sydney... Something I can't remember, thought I was from Australia..." He laughs, and I actually laugh along with him, the effort he has put into learning the popular girls names amuse me.

"I'm from London, I already miss the site of the London Bridge and the London buses on every corner. And here there are a lot of bins." I look away to make him think he's not the first person I've spoke to in a year. Luke wears a white shirt, undone at the first button at the top and light blue jeans. I can't see his feet from where I am standing, his backpack sits in the way.

"What you reading?" I flinch as he lifts up the flap on my bag and picks out my book. He stares at the cover and looks at the blurb, I worry that he's going to hit me with it.

"Ah, I've read this. Brilliant book." He smacks it into his other hand then leans to give it back to me. I look at him for another moment and smile, he smiled back. I nod, thanking him for giving the book back.

The bell rings as Luke pulls out his phone to see the time,

"Where you off to?" Luke questions, he stands and pulls his backpack off the floor. I wait for him, I might need to show him to class.

"Urm... History." I state, he pulls out his timetable and speaks,

"B3?" He smiles, his teeth flash in the sunbeams. I nod excitedly and point the way we should go. Luke walks next to me, asking questions about the people at LakeBridge High.

"So, you one of them popular girls?" He smirks at me and I tuck my side fringe behind my left ear, I look down in embarrassment of flattery.

"Oh n-" I get cut off, Sydney Skinner snakes her arms around Luke and makes him stop dead in his tracks. I stand still in front of them, she burrows her head into the crook of his neck,

"Where were you last lesson? I was looking everywhere for you. I missed you." She pulled out the 'I missed you' card. Being flirtatious was in Sydney's nature to go flirting with every guy.

"I-I, I was at the head teachers office, something about a test result gone wrong." He covered for me, they would of bullied me for thinking I could be friends with Luke. I finally felt happy at school, happier than doing algebra or reading a book. But deep inside I knew I could never be like him.

"Sit with me in History?" She stroked his cheek, and it makes me slightly happy, Sydney sits two seats away from me. And she sits next to the wall, there was a spare space in between us. Luke nods and looks to me, to tell me to stay close behind them.

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