Cathy Livingstone lives in the glamorous California where the sand is golden and everyone is popular. All except her, her historian parents believe that she is popular, due to her 'fake story's'. When the new boy comes to LakeBridge High, she takes an instant disliking to him, but can he change her mind before the girls go crazy for his British accent?


16. Chapter 16- Prom

As soon as I get into Luke's car I hear a song I familiarise with Maroon 5. I smile as I nod along to the beat, Luke starts humming along to the fast tune and then starts drumming his fingers against the steering wheel at the traffic lights. We sit there in silence when it goes onto the 'traffic and travel news'. Not wondering what to say.

Luke drums his fingers against the steering wheel like he is playing the drums at each traffic light, and when it goes from red to amber, he picks up the pace like when they say 'the award winner is' *dramatic drum noise please*.

We soon enough pull up at the school parking lot, he looks at me with nerves splattered across his face. I unbuckle my seatbelt and lean across to him and push my nose against his. He brings his hands up to cup my face and I pour my lips a little.

"Hey! C'mon Prom King! You don't have time for this!" Martin harshly knocks on the window and starts to walk away. Luke pulls away from our kiss-first kiss. Then he starts laughing as he opens the door for himself.

"Both you and I know! I am not Prom King!" Luke yells as he waits for me to get out of the car so he can lock the doors.

"Not yet! But you will be when that clock strikes eleven!" Martin exclaims, I am glad that Luke and Martin can maintain their friendship but I can't help but notice Sydney pulling Martin all the way across the parking lot, edging into the school reception. Where we are getting our pictures taken. Me and Luke start walking hand in hand to the reception. I feel butterfly's in my stomach for the millionth time tonight. Luke flashes me cheeky smile, Martin and Sydney get swallowed by the red silk curtains, hanging in front of the double doors. Pink and light grey balloons form an archway a few feet in front of the doors.

Before we get our picture taken, I turn to face Luke and I straighten his tie. Which was the same colour as my dress, his decision not mine. Miss Jester stands, leaning on the camera, waiting for us to arrange ourselves. I stay turned towards Luke and bury my head into his chest but still looking at the camera and wrap my arms around his waist. He holds me by my waist too.

"The picture will be available to collect from the office on Monday." She murmurs like she's being it all night. Which she probably has. Luke shakes her hand politely before she hurries off to get a wipe for the lens.

Both, me and Luke strut to the middle of the dance floor where we start to dance crazily, but we soon get interrupted by Martin, with glasses filled to the brim with punch.

"Sorry, I though I was going to spill some on the way here so I filled them up so you would have a reasonable amount of drink in there. But I guess I didn't drop any..." He smiled to himself. Looking quite impressed he passes a glass to me and one to Luke.

"Where's Sydney?" I could tell Luke really didn't care but he was being polite to his best friend. I loved that Martin and Luke were able to maintain their friendship throughout mine and Sydney's feud.

"Dunno. She walked off somewhere with Jasmin. Looked pretty angry if you ask me..." He trails off and looks around for his girlfriend. Luke looks down at me suspiciously,

"You might be able to help me find her. Luke, you get a good view of everyone on stage..." Luke looks confused when Martin suggests this but I get his bad humour straight away.

"When you accept Prom King...?" He smirks and laughs to himself and I take a sip of punch and deciding I dislike it very much. Luke playfully hits him in the arm, laughing it off himself. I place the glass of punch on a table near us, and try to stay part our conversation.

"I better go find Sydney. She'll be mad if she misses the announcements. Good luck you to." He looks directly at Luke and smacks him in the arm. Luke looks down at the floor and takes his first sip of punch.

"Oh God! This stuff is awful! Why did they poison me?!" Luke shouts as he instinctively throws the punch over the floor. While someone shouts,

"Clean up in aisle three!" The rest of the crowd laughs and we hear a slap against the microphone, as it was being tested.

"What you have all been waiting for!" The head teacher yells into the microphone, forgetting that it makes your voice louder. We all gather around the stage, waiting for him to open the white an gold envolope in his hand. He sighs and tears open the letter.

"2015 Prom King and Queen are Luke Abbey and Cathy Livingstone." He says in a monotoned voice, my heart beat slows down a little, not being nervous about winning, because I know I won. I don't hear a scream of disappointment from Sydney or any noise except from clapping. I look to Luke and he takes a hold of my hand and leads me to the stage, where our crowns were waiting in Mr Weeks's hands. He places them on our heads, and leaves the stage without another word,

"Ha! Told ya Prom King!" Martin yells from near the front of the crowd. The crowd starts laughing and we join in. Luke presses his hand against my lower spine, and pushed me as close to him as possible. He then presses his soft gentle lips against mine and it was as if all the butterfly's in my stomach fluttered away. But something told me the butterfly's wouldn't be gone for long. We hear oohs and aahs from various places in the crowd. I look to the back of the room, having to squint my eyes because of the spotlight in my eyes. But I spy Sydney shaking something off of her hands. Like she was flicking something off of them. Me and Luke walk hand in hand off of the stage and he's getting high fives and pats on the back.

Martin passes Luke a glass of punch, and strangely Luke looks behind him. He takes the glass and looks at me like he's going to throw up. Everyone gathers around in a circle and looks to Martin,

"To the Prom King!" Everyone tosses their glasses back to their mouths and starts gulping it down. But instead Luke chunks the pink liquid behind him then makes s noise as if it were refreshing.

"This stuff is good!" He yells and everyone laughs a little and Martin finishes his last little drop.

"Let's go get you some more then." Martin takes Luke by the shoulders and leads him to the punch bowl table. I inform Luke that I'm going to the bathroom and as I get to the door, I straighten my crown out so I open the door withy elbows, which hurts quite a lot more than using your hands does.

The first thing I see is a red hand print stained on a cubical door. My heart rate picks its self up and I start to panic. I turn the wall, hiding the sinks and mirrors. In the corner of the room, laying down. Was a body of a girl, blood soaked clothes, she wore. Chunks of her hair were strewn across the blue and green tiled floor. I scanned her body for any bodily harm and she had a gigantic hash on her head and when I look to her ankle, a bone sticking clean out of it. I felt like throwing up so I turn to he sink. Watered down blood fills it up. The killer wanted to wash their hands after the crime and didn't realise the sink was blocked with tissue paper. I screamed at the top of my lungs while trying not to pass out of shock. The music quietened down eventually and I hear running of get towards me. Lucky the first person to arrive was Luke,

"Oh my god darling. Are you okay?!" He exclaims and grabs me to take me away from the scene. Everyone is shouting to call the police, to call the ambulance and to call her parents. But all I notice is the water droplets on the walls and floor...like they've been flicked off of someone's hand... Everyone must of had their suspicions. But I knew who it was. Sydney.

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