Cathy Livingstone lives in the glamorous California where the sand is golden and everyone is popular. All except her, her historian parents believe that she is popular, due to her 'fake story's'. When the new boy comes to LakeBridge High, she takes an instant disliking to him, but can he change her mind before the girls go crazy for his British accent?


15. Chapter 15- Getting Ready

Yesterday had flown by with all the helping with decorating prom. All the princesses has their own section of the prom where they can have their own decorations. I chose White and Pink roses and their petals along the floor. Sydney put pictures of her up. So there's a difference in our personality already. I had got Luke on board with my Prom ruining plan.

I was upstairs, getting ready for the prom, I was brushing my hair over my shoulder. I was still in my pjs and I was going to put my dress on after I'd put my make up on. Putting sparkly grey eyeshadow on my eyelids. I heard a camera click from down the hall. I looked through my open door to see my mum taking pictures of me putting my make up on before prom.

"Mum! C'mon! Leave me alone!" She then runs downstairs laughing on her way down. I then put think black eyeliner on my eyes before applying false eyelashes and mascara.

I smile at myself in the mirror while I dig my dress out of my wardrobe. I hand it on my bed room door and unzip the white casing that keeps it all nice and uncreased. I see a floor length grey dress. The lightest grey you could imagine before it starts to turn white. The right side was encrusted with sequins and there was a slit on the right leg.

"You ready darling? Luke's outside!" Mum shouts up to me and I hear a knock at the front door. My mum sequels with delight as she grabs the camera and I walk down stairs. I hear the door open and my mum snaps a picture of Luke as soon as he steps through the door. He looks up at me,

"Wow-I-what? How do you look so-wow." He manages to stutter. I twirl around and he gives me a bouquet of white and baby pink flowers I soon give to my mum to put in a vase. Luke's flashes me a cheeky smile while he pulls me towards him so my mum can take a dozen photos. As soon as she's done she starts fixing my hair and taking some more. But then my heart starts to flutter when he kisses my cheek and then rolls his lips down to my neck when my mums not looking.

"Shall we get going, beautiful?"

Hope you liked this chapter guys, I know it wasn't as exciting as what you wanted but trust me after prom and another couple of chapters, I am defiantly going to be writing a NERD 2! I have made the cover and everything, so thank you so much for the support. Please drop me a comment and a can't plead enough that you get your fans and your friends to read this. I need more likes, please guys, please. Thank you.

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