Cathy Livingstone lives in the glamorous California where the sand is golden and everyone is popular. All except her, her historian parents believe that she is popular, due to her 'fake story's'. When the new boy comes to LakeBridge High, she takes an instant disliking to him, but can he change her mind before the girls go crazy for his British accent?


12. Chapter 12- Magic

I run back downstairs. Stumbling over people feet and pushing past people. Wiping the tears from my cheek. I knew she was just using me, one of her tactics to bully me once again. She never wanted to be friends with me, I had no idea how to get back at her.

"Cathy. You'll be fine without her." Luke hugs me tight and whispers that in my ear. Although it makes me feel a little better, I still don't know what to do with Sydney. There's nothing I can do. Everyone looks at me. Probably thinking 'pathetic girl'. I wasn't going to stop until I thought of how to get back at Sydney.

In the morning, I had gotten home without my mum realising I was drunk. I sat up and I checked my phone, a bunch of messages from Sydney's friends were sending me apologetic messages. They were probably doing it to get back at me. But then I get a call from Luke,

"Hey babe. You want me to come round with ice cream and a few films?" I laugh and even though it sounds like a weird idea. I accept the offer. As soon as he offered, I couldn't wait to see him again.

Prom was going to be a nightmare, I keep thinking. Sydney's going to win prom queen because that's all she's ever wanted. That's why she's alive. She wouldn't be able to survive if she knew she lost the title of prom queen.

I keep my pjs on because I seriously couldn't be bothered to get dressed. The doorbell rings and I run for it, my mum was at work, and well, my dad could be anywhere. I open the door and standing there with a bouquet of flowers in one hand, in the other, two bags. Smiling my face off I take the flowers off of him and sniff them. They smell sweet like candy.

"Okay. I brought six tubs of Ben and Jerry's ice cream, all double chocolate, and all of the Disney films my mum had in her garage."

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