Cathy Livingstone lives in the glamorous California where the sand is golden and everyone is popular. All except her, her historian parents believe that she is popular, due to her 'fake story's'. When the new boy comes to LakeBridge High, she takes an instant disliking to him, but can he change her mind before the girls go crazy for his British accent?


10. Chapter 10- Saturday

I picked out my most 'I am popular' outfit, which was hard when your mum buys your clothes for you at a bargain shop. But after this shopping trip, hopefully my fashion sense will go up a little.

"Are you ready?" Sydney texts me, I know that she's ready by the picture she just put on Instagram. She was in front of her mirror with a white vest on tucked into black skinny jeans. I reply to her with a yeah.

I wear light blue jeans and a pink strapless vest, I wear a pair of white casual shoes. My nerves were getting the best of me, I felt like I should back out of this, but I hear a car honk outside my window. I open the curtains a little to see that Sydney is there in her convertible, red mini. Jasmin sits in the back, which I guess meant that the front seat was reserved for me.

After I've greeted Sydney and Jasmin, Sydney flicks open the door and I get in.

"So, you excited?" Jasmin yells and claps her hands. I guessed she was excited about going to the mall.

"I know, I'm going with Martin. Cathy, is Luke going?" I look confused, Martins going to the mall, I thought it was just going to be us three.

"To the mall?"

"No, to the party tonight at Sarah Witicombs." Sydney laughs and flicks her hair over her shoulder. I now feel a little under pressure to go. I've only just become even slightly popular, I'm already going to a party. I feel like saying I'm not going, but Luke would probably be going, and we're going out, so if I don't go, I might loose him to someone better than me.

We all sit in the café and sitting beside me is four huge white bags. One contains my prom dress, one contains an outfit for tonight, another contains six pairs of shoes, and the last one is jam packed with makeup. I sip on my cola while I listen to Jasmin mutter in about this hot boy she saw in Starbucks last week. I don't know if I could ever be like them.

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