Dear Diary

My diary entry for the competition


8. 9th of June

~~Hello. I’m very aware that I missed a day yesterday but I came home from school in a vile mood and I wanted to spare my readers from a rant. I had a really good workout because I feel when I’m angry or upset the discomfort helps me to feel better. Anyway that helped to fix my mood and by the time I had showered and eaten it was quite late and I was desperate to type up an idea I had scrawled in one of my school books before I forgot it, and then after that it was too late to write. I don’t really have much to say just now either. This diary must be as dreary as ditch water as I feel I never write anything interesting. All I seem to do is go to school, read and go out with my friends. And watch “Dance Moms” of course. Right now I’m watching a programme about mothers who dress up their toddlers up in lots of frilly things and sparkles and it’s quite interesting. Anyway, goodbye for now.

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