Dear Diary

My diary entry for the competition


7. 7th of June

Hi. This is another update that I'm typing up on my phone in bed with the lights switched off. I'm doing well apart from having a small clothes crisis. I have to attend an event with a lot of people who intimidate me quite a bit so I'm trying to decide what to wear to it. The night of the last event I attended with these people isn't the most pleasant memory so I would obviously like to make this one better. I bought a few dresses but I've decided against all of them, including everything that is in my wardrobe so I've decided to order something new but now I think it is too much like the one I wore last time which will cause me to worry and stress about it for the whole night. I'm aware that this makes a very boring entry but I feel I am a very boring person and there isn't much more to write about. I have read a few other entries and some people are talking about their crushes or their upcoming book ideas. I also see some entries about school. I do not want to write a lot about boys because that will make this even more boring and I would be mortified if any of them read it, and I have tried to touch on school but that's also boring. Right now, new ideas and book reviews seem the best way to go and I think I will stay with that, but in the future I will think more about varying what I write about. Anyway, goodbye for now!

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