Dear Diary

My diary entry for the competition


1. 28th of May

~~28th May 2015~~
  So. This is my diary. I’ve never kept a diary before, and I’m a little bit scared but also really excited as I’m still relatively new to this site and I think it will be a good way to let my followers know a little bit more about me. So please continue to read and I hope you enjoy reading about my life!
  My last exam for this year has been and currently I’m just enjoying the freedom of not having to spend every scrap of my free time revising. Today has been relatively boring. I’ve been in school but we haven’t started any new material yet so there’s been nothing to do. I went to music earlier with the intent to practice but ended up just chatting with some of my friends. So today has been mainly unproductive. Right now I’m just listening to some music from Hairspray and messing about on Movellas. I have so much television to watch that I recorded over the past few weeks and my room really needs tidying but right now I don’t have any plans to move. I don’t have any plans for later either. Tonight is my night to relax and do nothing!

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