Dear Diary

My diary entry for the competition


3. 1st of June

~~  Hello! Yet again, today has been mainly boring. I did discover one interesting thing about myself though- I hold my breath when I play an instrument! I figured this out because when I had finished the piece that I was playing I was panting really heavily, I felt really hot and my heart was racing, like I’d just done exercise. But maybe I’m just really unfit!
  I have been reading “The Rosie Project” by Graeme Simsion. I’m really enjoying it however I did not realise it was set in Australia and I just presumed it was set in either the UK or America. However, this doesn’t affect my liking of the book. Another book I liked which is similar is “An Abundance of Katherines” by John Green, however they are both very different too. I read “An Abundance of Katherines” first and I really liked it which influenced me buying “The Rosie Project.” I will make sure to let you know when I’ve finished it.

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