Dear Diary

My diary entry for the competition


11. 14th of June

Hello. Today has felt really unproductive and I haven't really done much. I do have a moderately funny story to tell. It's about my house cat who is such a wimp he struggles to jump off my chest of drawers onto the floor. Anyway he escaped out of the kitchen window and was sitting in the garden. My neighbours were walking their dog and they saw my cat and the dog ended up chasing my cat around the garden. Luckily we got him inside and he was unharmed, but he looked very scared and sheepish. I didn't know that when cats were scared their tails got really bushy, which amused me, and I suppose that's a fun fact that I learned today!

I'm going to do a workout then maybe read before I go to bed. I should really clean my room out but I keep putting it off. It's really messy now and it is starting to stress me out so I will do it soon. Goodnight!
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