Chelsea's Horrible Try-To-Make Journal

Im gonna take you through my life day by day! Ill try to post on this journal almost everyday with giving you advice for school, etc. etc.. and read this journal to go through my journey that you most likely have never experienced before :)


2. youtube + vine obbsession

Okay well.... I have an obbesession with youtube and vine... its pretty complicated to let go... And im honestly scared for my life because i see people on Instagram with fan accounts saying there just not into it anymore.. like guys , what if it happens to me... I think I would rather die in a hole then not be intrested in youtubers or viners anymore!


So you guys... I have a bunch of favorites on youtube. My abosolute favorite is Jc Caylen. His real name is Justin Caylen Castillo but got it legally changed at 18 to Jc Caylen. This one one tattoo Jc has on his left wrist is a cloud. The meaning of his tattoo is positivity and keeping your head up in the clouds (and NO Jc Caylen DOES NOT do any type of drug!) Jc Caylen is the best person, youtuber, life inspiration I know and really dont know if I could live without him.


Now moving on to my 2nd favorite youtuber... Kian Lawley!!!!  As you might know Kian and Jc have a youtube channel together and there seprate channels. But literally all of them are bae. They make they best videos ever!  But moving on, Kian is actually younger then Jc but taller then Jc at the same time. Kian is 19 years old (birthday: September 2 1995) while Jc is 22 (birthday: September 11 1992) Kian right now has two main roles to 2 movies! Thats amazing to me! One of the movies is called The Chosen.. But I dont think anyone in the Kian fandom knows the other movie title yet... But im sure we will find out one day or another!


So..... moving on to vine... Well i dont make vines.. And I dont really think I want to right now cause I dont think Im ready... But there are some viners that are really cool to me! although I might now say all of them on this journal... you could just check out my vine page for a whole bunch of revines and likes from other people who are awesome!       Now  this is youtube realated but i like watching edit vines where people make edits of youtube people and its just amazing like you dont even know how amazing... its just amazing because there so good at it and when I tried once just to try to make an edit... I failed miserably... But I still go on and watch and revine them all the time!

But some viners i watch are : stfu autumn , darius benson , yungpoppy , twaimz , rickey thompson , and many more because right now i cant put my mind on any....




<<<<<<<<<<AUTHORS NOTE>>>>>>>>>>

Thanks for reading this chapter of my journal please like and favorite the book please it shows how much you care!    Ill be psoted more tomorrow.... hopefully!


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