Chelsea's Horrible Try-To-Make Journal

Im gonna take you through my life day by day! Ill try to post on this journal almost everyday with giving you advice for school, etc. etc.. and read this journal to go through my journey that you most likely have never experienced before :)


3. Life In The Present....Now As We know it!

So my life right now... Its pretty boring  to me!  I live in Virginia (east coast if you didnt know...)  Theres not so much fun places to go... Cause most people go to them all the time and they get boring way too fast... like KIngs Dominion , way too much people go like every weekend and it drives me insane... I can never go on Instagram on fridays and not see something about kings dominion , saying there going and there gonna go ride the new rides... Does anybody really care besides you though... I know its good to express your feelings because you are your own person and nobody can change that... But why would post that you are going to kings dominion and your gonna ride the new rides with your squad.. But you know when you come to school on Monday , they dont even look like they had fun... clearly there not talking about it with anybody... And the person isint even talking to the other people who went with them...   Like what kind of world is this... If I were to go to Kings Dominion I would be hype and I would talk about the new ride that me and my friends went on because im sure people would like to know if its worth it or not!


Moving on... Back to present... Like I said its pretty boring.. Not a lot to do... But if you were to ever ask me where I wanted to live.. It would be  California! (to all my west coast people out there: your lucky you live in such a beautiful state... Im sure it would be worse if you West Coast people werent here...)

When I grow older I would like to be a dental assistant.. Not a dentist or a regular same old same old assistant.. A dental Assistant... I think they make a good minium wage so ive decided to that for my carrier... And no im not just saying  that because it has good pay , I would actually enjoy doing what i chose because im too lazy to be a regular dentist.. I mean yeah they get payed more but to be completly honest , I dont need all the money in the world.. Ill be fine with what I get.. And hopefully when im older around 18 going into college ill hopefully have an apartment with some friends... And we will all have a fair amount of money to put into it... Like lighting , food and water , furniture , and bedrooms that look nice to our appeal!  



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