Chelsea's Horrible Try-To-Make Journal

Im gonna take you through my life day by day! Ill try to post on this journal almost everyday with giving you advice for school, etc. etc.. and read this journal to go through my journey that you most likely have never experienced before :)


1. journal accomplished?

Hello everybody my name is Chelsea Pedraza and today you are watching me... trying to make a horrible journal!  Ill be taking you all on a trip (and no not in little einsteins rocket ship...) A different trip where ill write in this magical book about my life and  recent things that happen in it.  So in this "journal" I would advise you to take notes in your head that permanatly stay there... forever! You will need those notes for future refrences in the future when you need them the most!  Well I guess this is all I have to say for my first chapter... Stay connected with this book (like a favorite <3) I will be posting the first actually chapter tomorrow!

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