The Guitars //M.C.//

Two guitar players + Two guitars + Two tours + One airport = utter confusion, anxiousness, irritation, frustration, love...


9. Chapter 8


McKynzi's POV


"Well shit," Michael laughs through the phone.


"Yeah, I was in shock. I guess a drunk me is an honest me," I laugh.




Michael and I have been talking nonstop and I decided to call him and tell him what my mom said. I'm still really embarrassed, but now I'm laughing about it.


"Hey, I need to go we're here and we need to unload and set up for tonight," I say, looking at Raven whose motioning for me to come on.


"Aw, okay, well I'll talk to you later... I uh, yeah," he sighs.


"Yeah, I'll text you," I say and he hangs up.


--Two Hours Later--


I open my guitar case and sigh, pressing my lips into a line. Really, Michael? I pull out my phone and text him quickly.


McKynzi: Did you really switch our guitars again?

Michael: ... No?

McKynzi: Even on text you're horrible at lying.

Michael: I wanted to see you again!

McKynzi: Come get your guitar

Michael: Fiiiiiiiine and I'll pay you back too ;)

McKynzi: Shut up

Michael: Meanie


I put my phone in my pocket and pick up his guitar, putting the strap around my shoulder.


"How do you...?" Luke starts to asks.


"He switched them," I shake my head and walk over to my microphone.


--Two Hours Later--


I scroll through Twitter and see #MICHAELSGIRLFRIEND trending. Of course I click it because 1) I'm stupid and 2) Curiosity killed the cat. There's a picture of me playing his guitar on stage attached to a picture of him in the crowd. HE WASN'T EVEN THERE THAT NIGHT. I look at the replies.


@Jamie5SOS: Who is this?! THis is NoT oKaY

@MikeysCliffoconda: @Jamie5SOS it's McKynzi from Rejected Population




And so many more. I scroll down again and see a picture of Michael and me kissing by the bus. My mouth drops open and I instantly scroll to the replies.




@SarahLee5SOS: Can you stop hating? It's Mikey's life, I like her band, stop judging! What the hell is wrong with you


I click onto her account and follow her almost instantly she starts tweeting about it. I smile at how excited she seems. I love knowing they get happy when I follow them.


"Hey there," I turn and see Michael walking towards me with his hands in his pockets. I hold out my phone for him and he looks through it, his face going from happy to confused to upset to angry, "Why the fuck would they do that? You're amazing, Kynz!" he says, his hands cupping my face, "We may not be dating, but you're still the most beautiful girl I've seen. C'mon, I'll repay you," he smirks and drags me out to the spare dressing room. He locks the door and smirks at me.


"What do you plan on doing, Clifford," I ask as he walks towards me, his hands on my hips.


"You'll see," he slams his lips on mine and pushes me down on the couch, never once disconnecting our lips. His tongue licks my bottom lip asking for entrance which I obviously give. Our tongues dance as his hands explore my body, mine tugging at his hair. His lips leave mine and start sucking on my neck. A soft moan escapes my parted lips which makes Michael moan against my skin, sending vibrations through me. His hands go under my shirt and slide it off of me. I peel his shirt from his pale body and throw it where mine is. My hands travel down his soft chest as he leans back down, kissing me hard this time. This one full of lust and want. He plays with my skinny jeans, finally getting them off of me, leaving me in my underwear and bra, "You're so beautiful," he mumbles, kissing my stomach.


"You're so hot," I sigh, my hands on his pants button. I move one over his evident bulge and press down, making a low moan escape his lips.


"Don't tease me," he growls. kissing me roughly as I get his pants down to the top of his knees. he kicks them off all the way and the only things separating him and me from being connected are two thin pieces of cloth. He unhooks my bra, kissing me softly. He trails kisses from my kips to my underwear line. He bites the hem of the cloth and looks up at me teasingly. He slowly pulls them down an kisses my inner thighs. I sit up and pull down his boxers, tired of the wait. I tilt my head up and he kisses me lips again, his tongue exploring my mouth as I pump his member with my hand. He lets out a low moan into my mouth and he pushes me back down, lining up with me and pressing his lips against mine as he thrusts into me.


"Fuck," I moan, my hands tangling in his hair. His thrusts become sloppy after awhile and the familiar knotted feeling comes to my stomach, "Mike-y I'm g-gonna," I try to say.


"I know, go on, baby girl," he huffs, trying to keep up his pace. I finally reach my high and let go around him. He moans loudly and is about to pull out.


"Mikey, I'm on the pill, please don't leave me," I say and he nods, sweat in beads on his forehead. He thrusts into me a couple more times before he reaches his climax, letting go inside me. He moans shakily and falls on top of me, pulling out, leaving me feeling empty, but still good. We lay like this for a good 10 minutes before there's a knock on he door and we both jump, our eyes going wide.


"If you two are done fucking, they have to do sound check not," I hear Calum's Aussie accent through the door and we both let out a sigh. Michael kisses me again and gets up, getting his clothes and getting dressed. I stand up following his actions with my own clothes. I look in the mirror and try to fix my hair, but give up so I just throw it into a bun.


"Kynz," I turn and Michael grabs my waist, kissing me hard. We have a mini make out session and we reluctantly pull back so I can do sound check.


"Ew, it smelled like sex as soon as you opened the door," Calum says, disgusted while sitting against the wall opposite of the wall.


"Don't pretend you don't like it, fuck boy," Michael says, hitting Calum upside the head, making me hold back a laugh. I walk to the stage and no one really takes notice of anything. I pick up Michael's guitar and put the strap on. I look at him and he nods, giving me a sly wink. My phone buzzes and I look at the newly received message.


Michael: Told you I'd pay you back ;)







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