The Guitars //M.C.//

Two guitar players + Two guitars + Two tours + One airport = utter confusion, anxiousness, irritation, frustration, love...


8. Chapter 7

McKynzi's POV

I put my suitcase on the bus and walk back off, grabbing my guitar and putting it in the equipment bus. Everyone gets on the bus, leaving me alone with the four Aussies.


"Thanks again, for signing us to you're label, we'll see you after the tour," I say to the boys.


"Yeah, have fun!" Ashton exclaims and hugs me, tightly, followed by Luke and Calum. Those three walk back into the hotel and Michael smirks at me.


"I never got to pay you back," he comes closer to me and I back into the side of the bus. He leans his arms on either side of my head and presses his hips against mine.




"But, why not now?" he pouts.


"I have to leave," I say, my hands on his chest.


"Not this moment though," he smashes his lips onto mine, his hands on my waist now, pulling me closer. My arms snake around his neck, deepening the kiss. He licks my bottom lip, asking for entrance which I gladly give him. Our tongues fight for dominance, which he wins. He lifts my leg up by my thigh and I jump up, my back still pressed against the metal of the bus. His hands find my butt and he gives it a tight squeeze, making me gasp. He chuckles, pulling back and I laugh as well, both of us stopping as we look into each other's eyes.


"Kynz!" I hear my mom call and my eyes widen. Michael hears too because he lets me down and helps me fix my hair, "There you are! C'mon we have to go!" she starts to pull me towards the door of the bus. I turn my head and bite my lip as I look at Michael.


"I'll pay you back, I promise!" he calls, winking right after.


"Sure you will," I laugh.


"Trust me, I will! And it'll be 10 times better!" he yells right as my mom shuts the door.


"What was he talking about?" Mom asks and my cheeks flush.


"Uh, I just did him a big favor and he keeps saying he's gonna pay me back," I shrug, walking past her, but she grabs my wrist.


"Did this "favor have anything to do with your mouth on his dick?" she asks and mouth falls open.


"No," I squeak.


"Uh-huh, nice lie babe, but that's all you were talking about when we brought you back to the hotel, along with Michael, he kept saying how good of a job you did and he's was gonna pay you back," she smirks while I just blush furiously, "Jus use protection," she winks and walks out, leaving me in shock.

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