The Guitars //M.C.//

Two guitar players + Two guitars + Two tours + One airport = utter confusion, anxiousness, irritation, frustration, love...


5. Chapter 4

McKynzi's POV

I run off the stage and set my guitar -MY GUITAR- down on a stand while wiping the sweat from my forehead. I feel a tap on my shoulder and I turn around, facing the tall green eyed boy.

"That was really good... You guys are great... The guys and I have a question for you guys, so, uh, meet us in your dressing room?" he says, lifting his not pierced eyebrow at me.

"Sure!" Raven yells and it feels like I jump 100 feet in the air and scream.

"Oh my god!" I grab my chest, pushing my sister slightly, "I hate you," I laugh.

"No you love me, now c'mon let's go," she says, pulling me along, "We'll only be a minute! We need to talk, just get the boys!" she yells as she pulls me down the corridor. She pulls me into a spare dressing room and smiles at me, "Who is he?"


"What? Oh, yeah, him, he was the guy that had my guitar. His name's Michael and those were his band members," I shrug.


"Good, you know who he is, well sort of. In this world he's Michael Clifford from the world famous band 5 Seconds of Summer, 5SOS for short. You played his guitar on stage," she smirks.


"How the fuck do you know that?" I ask, a confused expression on my face.


"I have my sources," she laughs, "Now c'mon, let's see what they want," we both walk out and into our dressing room where all the boys are laughing about something.


"Great, you're here! Now let's get down to business," Michael says as Rave and I sit down, "We're 5 Seconds of Summer and we own Hi or Hey Records. We would like to sign you to our label. Will you accept?" my mouth drops.


"Yes!" Luke yells, smacking me out of my daze.


"We're already signed to a label," I say and Luke sits back down.


"You can be signed to more than one," Ashton says, his legs crossed. (a/n: btw I think you can do that lolzzzz Don't judge if I'm wrong)


"Then yes!" Luke yells again and we all start laughing.


"Idiot," I laugh and Michael's eyes brighten for a moment.


Michael's POV


We're so alike I'm not even kidding, we both treat our Luke's mean, but love them anyway! Oh god... am I fantasizing over some girl we just signed to our label?


"Let's celebrate!" Calum exclaims, clapping his hands and breaking me from my daze. Everyone claps and laughs.


"Okay, just let us shower and get dressed, how about a club?" McKynzi recommends and we all agree.


"Alright we'll meet you at the club just down the street, I forget what it's called, could we all swap numbers?" Ashton asks, looking at them. They nod and we all get our phones out, passing them around. With the occasional, "It's locked!" from someone.


"Okay, we'll see you," Kaleb says and Calum, Ash, Luke and I walk out.


--Waiting at Club--


I lean against a pole and put my phone away, looking at the boys who're staring down the sidewalk I follow my gaze and see them walking towards us McKynzi looking HOT like REALLY, REALLY HOT.


Skinny jeans don't fail me now.

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