The Guitars //M.C.//

Two guitar players + Two guitars + Two tours + One airport = utter confusion, anxiousness, irritation, frustration, love...


4. Chapter 3

McKynzi's POV

--One Day Later


As I'm tuning the guitar Kent walks up to me and says, "Kynz there are some guys here, saying they need to talk to you."


"Are they fans?" I ask, continuing to tune.


"Uh, no," I look up, "They say they've never heard of your band before."


"Wow, that's nice," I say sarcastically, "Okay, let's go see what they want," I sigh and follow Kent to the back door. He opens the door to a spare dressing room and the four boys from the airport are sat in front of me, "You!"


"Listen, I can explain," the blacked haired boy says, standing up, holding my guitar case. I take it from him and back up.


"I told you that was my guitar! I had to play our first stadium show with YOUR guitar!" I exclaim.


"Yeah, okay, speaking of which, can I kinda have that back?" he asks, using hand gestures.


I sigh, "Yeah, come on," I motion for them to follow me and they all get up and follow to the stage. I grab his guitar and put it back in the case, handing it to him.


"Thank you," he smiles sarcastically, taking the guitar from me.


"Is my guitar in tune?" I ask, getting it out and putting it on its stand.


"Yeah, I had to use yours as well. I tuned it before we came... Is mine?" he says and I can't help but laugh... Came...


"Uh, yeah," I cough, awkwardly, "I just tuned it," I nod, playing with my fingers behind my back, "Um, sorry about earlier, I may have overreacted a bit."


"A bit," the one with blonde streaks in his hair mumbles and I glare at him.


"Kynz, c'mon, we go on in 20! Kaleb exclaims, but then walks over when he sees the 4 boys, "Who're they?"


"I'm Michael," the one that had my guitar says, "and these are my bandmates, Calum, Ashton, and Luke," LIGHTBULB.


"Hey we have  Luke too!" I exclaim, "LUKAS!" I scream and Luke runs over.


"What?" he asks, looking between all of us


"Look, Luke, it's Luke," I say and Luke looks confused for a minute.


"Oh, okay," he says then walks away.


"Psh, asshole," I stick my tongue out at his back then turn back to the boys, "Anyways, you can stay for the show if you want, but we gotta go, see ya around!" I call, running off behind Kaleb and Luke.


Michael's POV


The boys and I run down to the front row as they run onto stage. A bunch of girls notice us and ask for pictures and stuff and we kindly oblige, but then go back to paying attention to the band. They're actually really good, they aren't pop, they're more rockish, like Hey Violet. 


Hmm... I gotta talk to her after the show... 


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