The Guitars //M.C.//

Two guitar players + Two guitars + Two tours + One airport = utter confusion, anxiousness, irritation, frustration, love...


3. Chapter 2

McKynzi's POV


"This isn't my guitar," I say, still in shock. Kaleb, Lukas, and Raven walk over and we just stare a it. This black guitar with X's on it is NOT mine. My guitar is just plain black.


"What's going on here?" Macon asks, walking over and stopping when he sees the guitar, "Who's is that?!"


"I don't know!" wait, "Wait! It's the guy from the airport! We had the same case!" I exclaim, standing up. Macon curses under his breath and run his hands through his hair.


"Okay, well, Kynz, you're gonna have to play it until we get your other guitars. They're getting here next Wednesday, so this one will have to do for now," he sighs.


"I'm not gonna keep this guitar though, it's not mine!" I exclaim.


"Yeah, I know, we'll find whose it is and we'll switch the guitars back, but in the meantime, rehearse with that, I'm gonna start researching," he says and walks out.


I knew that was my guitar! That bastard!


"Alright, let's try this bad boy out," I sigh picking the guitar up and plugging it into the amp.


Michael's POV


"This is NOT my guitar!" I exclaim, standing up and holding the plain black guitar by its neck.


"Michael, calm down, mate, our others will be here later," Calum says, picking up his bass.


"Cal, I know whose this is, I need to find her and give it back," I say, walking over to him.


"Dude, you need a guitar to play. Paul and Derek will start looking," he says, putting his hand on my shoulder, "Right, guys?" he looks at Paul and Derek.


"Yeah, we're on it, Mike, don't worry, we'll get your guitar back," Paul says and him and Derek walk out.


"Fine," I sigh, rubbing my forehead with my free hand, "Let's play."


McKynzi's POV

--One Day Later--


We have to play our first show in L.A. now and I'm playing with a strangers guitar. This is not good. I pick up the guitar and quickly tune it before catching up with the band.


"Ready?" Luke asks, putting his guitar strap over his shoulder.


"I'm excited and nervous. Don't know if I'm ready," I laugh nervously, copying Luke's actions.


"Don't worry, be happy," he winks at me.


"No, don't quote Bob Marley, it doesn't work, bye bitch," I say and Macon motions us onstage. Kaleb runs on first, then Raven, then Luke, then me, "Hey everyone! How you doing!" -screams- "We're Rejected Population and we hope you enjoy the show!"


Michael's POV


"Mike! I found it!" Luke yells, running in.


"What?" I ask, looking up from my phone.


"I found your guitar! I found who has it!" he yells, all happy with himself.


"I know who has it asshole," I scoff.


"What's her name?" he crosses his arms.




"It's McKynzi, her band is playing at the arena downtown. They played tonight and they're playing tomorrow too," he smirks, happy that he has more information than me.


"Let's get my guitar!" I exclaim, standing up and making him jump back.


"I don't know where she's staying," he says.


"You fucking idiot, that's not helpful then," I groan, sitting back down.


"Yes it is! We'll get it tomorrow AT THE ARENA." he emphasizes.


"Fiiiiine," I groan, sliding down the couch.


"Are you happy with me?" he asks, sitting next to me.


"Yes, thank you, Lukey," I pat his head and return to my phone.


"Good," he says and stands back up, walking out of the room.





a/n: yikes sorry it's short again, whoopsie, I'll try to make them longer hehe sorry LOVE YOU xx



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