The Guitars //M.C.//

Two guitar players + Two guitars + Two tours + One airport = utter confusion, anxiousness, irritation, frustration, love...


13. Chapter 12

1 Week Later

McKynzi's POV


I walk into the hotel room Michael and the other boys share and sit his bed, behind him. He's been skyping his boys for like 3 hours practicing and everything. I know his boys are worried about their careers and I'm the one to blame, but I don't know what to do; Michael's been fighting on my side this whole time even though he's the only one. I'm on the boys' side. I think he needs to leave, I might cost him his career.


"Hey, babe," he smiles and turns around. The screen goes quiet and my smile fades, "You okay?"


"Yeah, I'm fine," I bring back the smile, "Just checking on you," I stand up and kiss his forehead, walking back out of the room and walking across the hall to the room I'm sharing with my sister. She's out with Mom right now shopping and I'm glad.


I walk into the bathroom and let the tears fall. I don't know what's wrong with me, why I'm so clingy. I remove my makeup and pull my dreaded hair up into a bun. I pull out my makeup back and rummage through, pulling out my shiny little metal piece. I rinse off the powder and lock the bathroom door, pulling off my skinny jeans and my Blink-182 muscle tee. I start bringing the little blade down onto the skin on my upper thigh, creating multiple, little lines, the blood forming a little stream down the side of my leg. I move up to my hips and repeat the same actions. I finish and clean up, wrapping my thighs and taping gauze to my hips. A knock on the door scares the shit out of me.


"Babe, you in there?"


"Yeah, one second," I say, shoving everything away and dressing again. I open the door and smile up at him.


"Oh good. Now I know I haven't paid much attention to you lately, so I figured tonight it'd be all about us" he smirks, his lips finding my neck. I start to give in, but then I remember the previous actions I just performed.


"Mikey, I-I can't," I say, my voice shaky.


"Why not?" he asks, worry in his eyes, "Are you pregnant?"


"No, I'm not pregnant," I chuckle, but then look at my hands, "I just- I feel like I'm taking you away from your friends and your career. I don't want to ruin that for you."


"You're not ruining anything," he chuckles, his hands hitting my hips, making me flinch and jerk away, "W-What's wrong? Baby, what'd I do?"


"N-Nothing," I stutter, walking out of the bathroom, ignoring the stinging in my hips and thighs.


"McKynzi, don't you lie to me," he says sternly.


"I'm not lying," I say, not once turning to face him.


"I know you are, you never look at me when you're lying and you always stutter," he says, turning me around by my shoulders. I break when his green eyes meet my brown ones, "Hey, hey, baby, what's wrong?"


"I'm so stupid! I never wanted to do this, I'm just falling back again!" I sob as he holds me up in his chest, "I'm an idiot to do this, Mikey I need help," I sob, "It burns so much and I don't wanna do it."


"Do what, baby?" I pull up my shirt slightly, revealing a piece of the gauze. I pull my pants down just enough to show what I had done. He runs his fingers over the gauze, "What happened?" he asks and looks up at me with glossy eyes.


"I broke."


a/n: shit sorry it's short. *laughs* GUYS I HAVE A BASSIST IN MY BAND NOW YAAAAY





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