The Guitars //M.C.//

Two guitar players + Two guitars + Two tours + One airport = utter confusion, anxiousness, irritation, frustration, love...


12. Chapter 11


McKynzi's POV


"Kynz?" I run through the bus and into the arms of my lover, "Hey, babes," he chuckles.


"I missed you so much," I say, my arms around his neck and his around my waist, holding me up.


"I missed you too, baby cakes," he says, "Where are the others?"


"Out for dinner," I say, biting my lip and locking the bus door. I press the button that closes the blinds and turn, looking back at Michael. He puts his guitar case on the floor and walks over to me, placing his hands on my hip, "You said you've been horny," I look into his green eyes.


"Definitely," he smirks, his hand unbuttoning my skinny jeans and his hand sliding into my underwear.


"Well, let's take care of that for the both of us, yeah?" I ask the Aussie. Just as his finger starts rubbing my clit he pulls back and pulls me to the couch, pushing me down.


"For sure, baby girl," he licks his lips, pulling off my skinnies. My hands find his button and I undo it, pulling his jeans down slightly. My hand enters his boxers and starts stroking his member. He lets out a low moan and rolls his head back. He pulls my hand out and pulls off my shirt, doing the same action with his own. I pull his skinnies down to the top of his knees and he kicks them off.


"Mikey, fuck me hard," I moan as he pulls off my underwear and pushes a finger into me, "Please, Mikey."


"Just because I love you so much," he growls, pulling his finger out and slamming into me. I let out a yell and my hands find his back, my fingers digging into his back. With every thrust he hits my G-spot, making me come closer to my climax.


"Let me- let me ride you," I moan, my hands on his shoulders. He pulls off and wipes his forehead on his arm. I get up and push him down, crawling on top of him. I place a lingering kiss to his lips and slide onto his dick, slowly. He lets out a shaky moan and his hands find my hips, guiding me on top of him, "Mikey, I'm gonna-"


"Do it, baby," he says, biting his lip. I feel myself release around him and him twitch inside me.


"Mikey!" I moan as I feel him release inside me. I collapse on top of him and he pulls out, letting me stay on top of him.


"Fuck, I love you," he sighs, his chest moving me up and down.


"W-What?" I hold myself up with my arms.


"I-I uh, I um, well I-," he stutters, his face as red as a tomato.


"Mikey, I love you too."


--One Hour Later--


"We're back!" Lukas's voice echoes through the bus.


"Hi, back!" I yell, cuddling into Michael's side.


"Hate you too!"


"Hi, back!" Mikey yells and it's silent for a moment.


"Michael?!" Kaleb yells and runs into the room.


"Hi there," Michael says.


"I literally saw you not even that long ago," he says and I smile innocently, "You're so clingy," he says, face palming and walking away.


"I love you!"





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