The Guitars //M.C.//

Two guitar players + Two guitars + Two tours + One airport = utter confusion, anxiousness, irritation, frustration, love...


2. Chapter 1

McKynzi's POV


"Raven, Kynz, you ready?!" Mom shouts from downstairs.


"Yeah, hang on!" I yell back, grabbing my suitcases from my room and struggling to bring them downstairs. Raven walks into the hall with her backs just as I pass her room, her suitcase hits mine and they fall down the stairs together. We look at each other and start laughing.


"That's an easier way to do it," she shrugs, walking down the stairs with me following. We find our mom around the corner of the stairs with her arms crossed.


"What did you do?" she asks, her lips pursed.


"Nothing?" it comes out more of a question.


"Uh-huh, sure. C'mon, get your bags in the van, we need to get to the airport, I don't plan on driving to California," Mom says, walking out to our minivan. I grab my suitcase and follow her, stuffing my bags into the back and getting in the passengers seat. Rave gets in and we're off to Neverland! Not really, it's more of a sweaty people air flying building.


As soon as Mom parks I hop out and get one of those luggage carts and hop on, riding it back to the van. I stop it when I see Mom's annoyed face. I laugh nervously and step off, patting the bottom of it. She opens the trunk and we start loading our luggage on. Since both Raven and I are underage our mom has to come with us. Where? You might ask. Well that's simple. WE"RE GOING ON TOUR! Our band was noticed and we're going to L.A. to start touring!


"Kynz, hop on!" Raven laughs, getting on the cart. My face brightens and I get on, next to my sister.


"Don't worry, Momma, we got this," I say, laughing and starting to ride the cart back up the hill, which let me tell you, is HARD. Hehe hard... I need help, but we all know that's not happening.


Finally we get to the top and Mom's already there, laughing at us. She tries to grab the cart, but Raven and I ride the cart in and over to our guard, Kent, who laughs as we approach him. Kent stops us and we both hop off, running over to Kaleb and Lukas. I jump on Luke's back and he catches me, even though he wasn't expecting it.


"You guys were almost late," Kaleb laughs at us.


"But we weren't," I wink.


"Alright, guys and girls, to security!" Macon (pronounced Mason) says, starting to walk to security.


"Away, peasant!" I exclaim and Luke starts walking and laughing. I look around as we walk, well while I ride on Lukas' back. I notice a group of boys laughing while walking in the same direction as us, with a big cart like our three. I catch the green eyes of the black haired boy and look away, joining my group once more.


We make it through security fine and get on the plane. Yay! Plane rides! I actually like planes, but meh whateeeevs. I sit next to Raven on the left side of the plane. I sit near the window because Rave likes the aisle seat so she can steal things off the snack cart. I see the boys from before sit down behind us and my eyes widen. It's the same guy I made eye contact with. He's sitting behind me with a blonde boy. MOTHERTRUCKER! Haha trucker.


--After Plane Ride--


"We're in L.A.!" Raven exclaims, laughing and running off the plane. Yes se did get yelled at quite a bit. I follow her to the luggage claim and grab my stuff off of the belt. My suitcases and my guitar. I love it's hard solid black case, I put my first initial on the neck of the case, that's how I always know it's mine. I walk over to the rest of the group and we walk towards the parking garage. I turn back around and see the same black haired boy from before, picking up a guitar. On the neck I see "M". WHAT THE FUCK! I run back over and stand in front of him.


"I think you have my guitar," I say, breathing heavy from all that "exercise", "My initial is on the neck."


"Well, this is my guitar, I put my initial on the neck, which happens to be an "M" as well I guess," he states, smirking. I feel my cheeks heat us and I mentally throw myself off a building.


"Oh, sorry, okay bye!" I yell, running again to catch up to my family/crew/band.


--At Hotel--


"It's actually happening! We're gonna be playing in big stadiums and more! I'm so excited!" I yell, jumping on the hotel bed I'll be sharing with my sister. Raven climbs up with me, jumping around.


"Me too!" she smiles and we fall onto the bed, "Our dreams are coming true, big sis," she laughs, out of breath.


"Yeah, they are, little sis."


--Two Days Later--


It's rehearsal day! We have this big area rented for rehearsals and I'm so excited! We arrive at the building and I run in, picking up my guitar case and laying it flat on the floor. I open it and my heart stops.


This is not my guitar..



a/n: sheesh this is short, I apologize, I'm still getting used to writing on Movellas. Anyway, I hope you enjoy! xx


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