The ONE-HUNDREDTH Daily poem - republished for entry to the poetry competition ©Parsavagely 2015


1. No. 100


Oh Parsley, beautiful and green you are!
In you is found such wond'rous flavoured health!
If life did but allow we'd never part,
Together great and vast we'd be in wealth.
The vitamins and minerals would fill,
Our blood and keep us safe from suff'ring then,
Such joy would stay and lift our hearts - such thrill!
And hatred gone forever more amen.
Perhaps one day mankind will know as I,
Perfection grown by mortals here on Earth,
In subtle leaves of fractal form'd design,
And there made clear the reason for their birth.
For now though know that I will always care,
I wait for the day when you are ev'rywhere.

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