Better [Daily poem #27]

The twenty-seventh daily poem - republished for entry to the poetry competition ©Parsavagely 2015


1. No. 27


I'm better now,

I am,

I've shut off that part of my mind,


Cut off,

There are no connections left,

I was not born until,



I'm better now,

I am,

I don't need this mask,

I don't need to hide,

Because all I had to hide is gone,

And my eyes want to see,

Without the blur at the edges,

Of my life.


I'm better now,

I am,

Just don't ask me,

Because then I'll snap,

And I won't hesitate,

I will stop your questions,

By any means,

Or any blade.


I am better now,

I am,

Please believe me,

No one else will,

They keep making things worse,

Picking at the wounds I thought were gone,

Forcing me to bleed,

When I thought I was empty.


I was better,

I thought,

Am I still?

I'm not sure,

I really don't know,

But I know one thing:

I am better,

When I'm with friends.

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