Soon [Daily poem #2]

The second daily poem - republished for entry to the poetry competition ©Parsavagely 2014


1. No. 2


Not long now,

So close, so close,

We get ready,

So soon, so soon,

Just a few hours,

No time, no time,

And it's already gone,

So fast, so fast.


We wait such a long time,

For it to shine for so little,

The light comes and goes,

So quickly,

Before we know it,

It's time to wait again,

But was it really all worth so much?

All this build up,

Hype and anticipation?

Maybe, maybe not,

But we're so close, so close,

There's no time to think.

So soon, so soon,

Are we ready?

No time, no time,

It all happens in a flash,

So fast, so fast.

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