Broken but Pretty


1. Poem

Hair put up in a tight ponytail 

Twisted and pulled in painful ways

Tears well in her eyes

But at least she's pretty



She's late for class

Because she had to fix her makeup

​She didn't want be late

But she had to be pretty



She's surrounded by boys

But not the nice kind 

She's surrounded by jerks

The kind that slap her butt

And leer at her

She has to put up with them

Because she's pretty

And pretty people need to be surrounded by other pretty people


She looks at the clothes on her bed 

And hates how she has to dress

With clothes that barely cover her 

She walks out the door

And pretends she doesn't wish she could cover up 

Because pretty people wear pretty clothes 


In the mirror 

Stands a pretty girl

In the mirror 

​ Is a broken girl

Forced to be pretty





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