Death Wish

Autumn, a girl who was casted away by her parents and raised up by a demon. Everyone hates her except for a girl named Saya who befriends her...But, insanity slowly consumes Autumn, destruction soon follows, will she be saved from this madness...or will it mean death to humanity...
Read and find out xD


2. Mark of a Demon

Not even within 5 hours of having this pathetic thing, Ryu laid slouched on the slightly moulded couch glaring at it. He never once was a fan of being around humans, they disgusted him with their petite emotions and vile bodies, it made him shuddering just thinking about it. But just so you know, he was a demon, and demons are nothing like you think they are…Oh no, they’re very much different. Despite the void emotions and the eating of human souls, they are pretty much normal, at least, that’s what it would seem to the eye. Ryu is just a normal guy to humanity; the only person who knows about him is Remy, the only human on Earth who he can put up with.

Ryu yawned and started scratching the left side of his jaw line, where there was a long visible scar present. He gingerly rubbed it, and then abruptly stopped as an idea came to mind. He turned and looked over at the sleeping baby on two fluffy white pillows; a small smirk crossed his lips. If she’s going to be living under me, it’s only fitting if I make her a demon too…right?  He stood up lazily and casual strolled over to Autumn and peered down at her. She was quite the looker, considering she’s a baby and all. His mind began to ponder on her parents. Well they’re certainly ugly creatures, he thought. he turned his attention back to the baby and leaned over so his face was inches away from hers.

“You know twerp, you should consider yourself lucky, it’s not every day you get to be in the presence of a fucking handsome demon like me...” his face twisted into a scowl, “then again, it’s not every day you get a baby forced in your arms and expect to take care of it.” he then frowned and leaned back, holding up his hand in front of his face. The nail on his index finger started to grow into a sharp point, and started glowing bright red while radiating intense heat. He looked down at Autumn, his Rudy orbs flickering as he lowered his finger so the point just touching the skin above her eyebrow.

The baby’s eyes shot open by the burning sensation on her forehead, and at that moment Ryu pierced his nail into her skin and quickly dragged it across her face so it stopped at her cheek. The baby began to wail and scream, thrashing around as if to make the pain go away. Ryu retracted his hand away from her and stared at her blankly as she screamed in intense pain, tears overflowing and wetting the pillow beneath her.

“Tsk, such a pathetic baby, can’t even handle a little fucking scratch, god why did you fucking curse me with this vermin.” He turned around and walked into his room, slamming the door behind him, hoping to usher the cries of the baby. He leaned against it and let out a deep sigh, running his hands through his spiky jet black hair. I need a smoke, He thought and hurried over to his bedside desk and opened the top draw, only to pull out a cigarette and a lighter. Once lighting it, him inhaled the ecstasy of chemicals and blew out slowly, all the stress washing away along with the vanishing smoke. He sighed once again and sat on the bed, he could still hear the baby’s whimpering cries. To say the least, he kinda felt sorry for the twerp, but, she ain’t going to survive much longer as a human if she was going to stay with him. He closed his eyes.

A younger version of Ryu sat by the lake, staring dazed out at the deep blue water, the light of the full moon creating beautiful crystal effects over the ripples. Rustling could be heard behind him, he turned slightly and saw Remy, the annoying bitch who kept bothering him all the time. He frowned and turned back to the lake.

“Knew I’d find ya here,” She spoke and crouched down next to him, flicking her long brown hair off her shoulders, her sapphire eyes looking at him with slight concern.

“Oh geez, how did you know?” he said sarcastically, eyes narrowing in annoyance. He could hear light chuckling beside him; he turned and saw her, giggling. “What’s so fucking funny bitch!”

“When you’re troubled, I always noticed you coming here,” was her answer. She smiled up at him, causing a faint ting of pink to surface his cheeks. She was a very attractive girl to say the least. Her clothing was simple, with the deep purple tube top and fishnet sleeves, a long deep purple skirt with a single yellow strip in the middle and a yellow star on the top, her legs also accompanied by fishnets and black combat boots.

“So you stalk me, fun….” He grumbled.

“Maybe so…” her smile faltered, her gaze wandering over to the scar on his jaw line. “Ryu, could I ask you something?”

“And what might that be?”

“What’s with the scar?” Ryu turned to her, looking slightly bewildered, he tenderly touched the scar, his eyes going unfocused. He then growled.

“That is none of you fucking business!” he shouted, standing up abruptly and swerving around to walk away, but before he could get anywhere, two slender arms wrapped around his waist. He tensed immediately, getting very uncomfortable by the humans warm touch, this was actually the first time any human had touched him ever since he turned into a demon.

“I’m not going to let you go until you tell me what that scar is!” She announced, tightening her hold around him. He admired her determination, but one thing he did not get about her is why she cared so much. She knew exactly what he is, yet she stayed by his side, stubborn bitch.

He gritted his teeth and gave out a loud groaning sound, “Fine….you really want know, so well here it fucking is. It’s a mark of a demon,” he reluctantly forced out. He could feel Remy’s head move, indicating that she was probably looking at him in shock, but he ignored this and continued. “I used to be a disgusting human, one day I fell in love with this woman,” he bit his lips, “turned out she was a fucking demon and seeing that I was worthy, she lashed at me and bestowed this thing on my jaw.”

“What…what happened after that,” Remy curiously asked, her hold on him now forgotten and she now stood in front of him.

“I began to go insane…it felt like my body was burning alive, before I knew it…I died. I remember waking up surrounded by fucking dirt, I had to claw my way up to the surface, and it was so fucking unpleasant. Then…I don’t know, everything flashed before my eyes and I knew who I was, or well what I was…a demon.” He went silent, having remembering the horrifying things he went through. He shivered at the memory and pushed it at the back of him mind. “When a demon scratches you a certain way, you slowly become one, it’s sorta a curse really.” He looked up and saw tears forming in the corner on her eyes.

“That’s horrible! You must be so lonely…well it doesn’t matter now, I’m going to stick by your side for the rest of my human life, and that’s a promise,” she beamed up at him, giving him a bone crushing hug. Ryu panicked slightly and tried to wriggle out of her hold. Goddamn this annoying human, why can’t she fucking run away and never come back! He thought.
                                                    End Of Flashback

Ryu now stood in front of the baby, who was still crying away. He knew he was going to hate himself for this, but… he leaned over and picked up Autumn, swaying her around gently and making shush noises. God he hated his life, at least there was no-one around to see him.
Autumn’s cries ceased and she stared up at him. He frowned at this, jeez she got over that quickly, typical females. He eyed her more. The baby then smiled lightly and a hand rose up at him, as if to touch his pale face.



A/N: And that's chappy 2 done xD Sorry if it's short, hope you like so far :D

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