Death Wish

Autumn, a girl who was casted away by her parents and raised up by a demon. Everyone hates her except for a girl named Saya who befriends her...But, insanity slowly consumes Autumn, destruction soon follows, will she be saved from this madness...or will it mean death to humanity...
Read and find out xD


1. Autumn

WARNING: Will contain swearing!

It was mid-night, sounds of thunder rumbled through the harsh grey clouds and lightening shooting through the sky like bullets, rain pelted down mercilessly on two cloaked figures. They ran as fast as their feet could carry them in the miserable weather, the sound of water splashing about underneath their hurried feet. A man and woman, with them, was a newborn child wrapped up snug in a cloth which was now drenched from the rain. The woman’s pants became ragged and strained, her running became sloppy and clumsy, the man next to her kept her steady every now and then.

“I-I don’t think I can go on,” the woman croaked out, her throat tight and strained from the harsh cold. Her long blue hair swatting in her face and sticking to her skin like a second layer. She clung onto the child more, like it was the most important thing in the world. Tears slid down her ghostly white face.

“We have to get there before they get to us, do you want our child to die!” the man practically yelled in her face, his furious state obvious to the eye as he clutched on to the woman more, practically dragging her along with him. “Besides, if we don’t do this, she’ll die either way.” The woman lowered her head in shame and began to tear up but said no more as they continued to run, knowing in harsh reality that she had no choice in the matter. Her child was more important to her than her own life, if her child was to die; there was no possible way she could forgive herself.

The more they pushed on, the more it felt like an eternity to them which in reality was only 20minutes since they had been running. Up ahead of the couple, a flicker of light could be seen dazzling hypnotizing and the sound of cheerful melodic music and voices of people singing could be heard. The woman looked at her husband in hope, as did the man in return, the woman held onto the child more as they hurried over to the tavern.

The front door of the tavern swung open and a man who looked half pissed stumbled out. “Fuck!” he cursed and clutched his pounding head as he staggered further down the few steps from the house. “That’s the last fucking time I’m ever drinking that piss.” He snorted and sat down to steady his raging thoughts, but before that could happen he heard the sound of crackling and scraping of gravel. He looked up curiously with his blood red eyes and saw a man and a woman running up to him looking all relieved but lightly worried. The fuck is this? He thought as regret started overcoming him from stepping outside the tavern.

“Oh thank the gods we found someone who can take care of our daughter!” the man praised and sighed in content. He looked over at the woman and gently took the child out of her hands and walked up to the man in front of him. “Please we beg of you sir, take our daughter and look after her for we cannot.”

“Ken, Maybe-” the woman was cut off when the man pushed away the baby and spat at the husband.

“What the fuck do I look like to you old man, a fucking babysitter! Fuck me, I’m not looking after anyone!” the man growled and staggered away slightly, a look of disgust was present on his face.

The husband named Ken wiped his face of the spit and advanced toward the man, shoving the baby into his arms with enough force to sending the man stumbling and falling to the ground with the baby awkwardly held in his arms. “I’m sorry sir, but you gave me no choice,” Ken then turned and took his wife’s hand. “Come on Lena, we have to go now.”

“Hey! Wait, fucking hell, don’t leave you bastard!” but as the man got up slowly, the couple were gone, and all there was present now was the now crying baby and a pissed off man. He hissed and looked down at the baby in hatred. “Stop fucking crying you fucking little bitch!” by this, it only caused the baby to cry even louder. He sighed deeply and glared at the child, the baby had tiny spikes of black hair and pale skin.  “Tsk, kinda reminds me of fucking Snow White.” He mumbled. Wonder what her name is? He thought and started to scan over to child for anything to give him a clue, but nothing appeared.

The doors to the house swung open again and a woman staggered out this time, “hey Ryu? What’s with all the swearing before, sounded like you were talking to a fucking ghost or something, maybe you should- Hey, who’s this?” the woman swayed over to the baby and peered closely at her. “Have you been fucking someone or what, because you’re not the type of guy to do so if it involves something like this shit?”

“No I haven’t, fucking crazy asshole came up to me and practically shoved the thing in my face and left,” Ryu grudgingly said and bowed his head. The woman looked at him and started to giggle.

“Well then, what are you going to do with her, because I ain’t having her?” The woman said. “Oh and whatcha gonna call her, better be fucking good cause I can tell from a face like that, she’s gonna be a pretty little slut.”

Ryu turned and looked at the baby who has long ceased her cries, he furrowed his eyebrows. Then he saw something tucked under the babies arm and reached out for it. He took it out and unfolded the piece of paper to find writing on it.

Dear Stranger.
Whoever you are, we are grateful that you can look after our daughter. You don’t have to bother naming her, her name is Autumn.
We want our child to have a bright and happy future that we unfortunately cannot give her, we have to settle a payment and run away from the past, we don’t want to bring our daughter into this for the fear of losing her completely.
Ken and Lena

Ryu crumbled up the piece of paper and viciously threw it away, Great, just fucking great! He looked at the baby and then looked away with a huff.
“What did it say?”

“None of your fucking business, I’m going home, I’ll see you soon Remy,” he got up and took the baby in his arms and turned to walk away. The woman Remy looked at him bewilders but shrugged it off and turned to walk back inside, not without say a goodbye.

Scraping of gravel could be heard as Ryu walked towards a small cottage not too far from the tavern he had been not too long ago. He yawned loudly and positioned the baby under his arm more comfortably. Never in his life he thought of looking after a baby, let alone was to have one. They were too troublesome and annoying, something he extremely disliked, but one thing was for sure…he ain’t gonna like it.

A/N: Hope you guys liked it, this story is all about my Original character Autumn, but I'll a picture up of her :D

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