Death Wish

Autumn, a girl who was casted away by her parents and raised up by a demon. Everyone hates her except for a girl named Saya who befriends her...But, insanity slowly consumes Autumn, destruction soon follows, will she be saved from this madness...or will it mean death to humanity...
Read and find out xD


4. A Friend

Autumn stood dumbfounded before the principal…Welcome to hell brat? What did she mean by that? Autumn inched back a little, panic starting to rise in her chest and thumping loudly in her ears, she watched as the lady sat down in her chair and read over the signed papers, she then looked up at Autumn.

“What are you still doing here, scram kid,” she waved her hand, signalling Autumn to leave.

Autumn smiled, “yes Miss Shao,” she bowed, causing the principal to snort in disgust. Autumn turned and quickly walked over to the door, opening it and gently closing it behind her; she sighed and looked around herself. Kids with their parents were lined up to go in and see the principal; obviously there were a lot of rich people which infuriated her, she turned away and began walking briskly to nowhere in particular, not really knowing the rules to this school.

Time seemed to fly by and Autumn had finally stopped walking, realization struck her as she looked at her surroundings. Blossom trees bundled in areas, having petals fly around, as if they were dancing in the mellow breeze. In the middle was a pond with a small waterfall at the back. Her eyes widened at the beautiful scene before her, she had never seen something so…gorgeous before. She walked up to the pond and crouched down by the edge, peering down at the koi fish that swam around freely. A small real smile graced her lips, she reached out to touch one but something swatted at her hand. She recoiled and rubbed at the sore that now throbbed.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” I voice spoke. Autumn looked around herself, but found no-one; she held her hand to her chest and stood up, scanning thoroughly around her.

“Whose there,” she called out, her breathing becoming slightly shaky.

“Oh, no-one in particular, though, I’m quite surprise that someone like you, would come to a place like this,” the voice spoke once again, becoming louder. Autumn said nothing, waiting for this mystery person to show, though it kinda sounds like a boy…

“Have nothing to say? Okay then….” The voice faded and the noise of grass rustling could be heard behind her. She turned and saw a figure walking up to her in a casual manner. Hands shoved in his pockets, a tattered worn out shirt became visible…and his face…obviously he was two or so years older than her, and something caught her eye, a scar, starting at the bottom of his jaw and extending over his nose and just reaching his eye. A cheeky grin was plastered to his lips; he ran a dirtied hand through his blood red hair, shagging it up a bit.

Autumn blushes a little, and turned away slightly. Who is this boy? She thought. She felt something cold on her cheek and her eyes shot straight to see the boy in front of her, caressing her face, still having that cheeky grin, which seemed to have broadened. She gasped and tore her face away from the hand, as if it burned her.

“Aw, you’re so cute!” he proclaimed, pinching her cheeks gently. “I’ve never seen such a beautiful creature like you before! My name is Yoshiro Maki by the way,” he let go of her cheeks and extended a hand out to her. She looked at it cautiously and reluctantly shook it.

“Autumn,” she said, quickly retracting her hand away. She heard him chuckle and cross his arms.

“It’s such a pleasure to meet you Autumn, your name reminds me of the season, though I think it suits you well,” he said, gaining another blush from her.
“So…what is this place?” she asked.
He looked at her for a second and began tapping his index finger to his chin, as if in thought. “Well, it’s just an ordinary place to me, but no-one seems to come here, they say its haunted or something which is really ridiculous,” he began laughing and placed a hand on Autumn’s shoulder. “Tell ya what, if you ever need me, just come here okay, I have to get going but maybe I’ll see you around.” Autumn became confused by this and was about to speak when he vanished. Startled, she stepped back quickly, eyes wide open in fright. What just happened? She thought, but she quickly dismissed is and began running back to the school.

She reached the courtyard, and began to ponder, is he some ghost or something? Why…why did he touch me like that? Maybe he’s my guardian angel or something! Autumn shook her head at the ridiculous thought, but a small chuckle escaped past her lips.

“Hey look girls, there’s that commoner from before!” a girl exclaimed and pointed at Autumn, a smug smile etched her lips. Three other girls trailed behind her as they advanced onto Autumn, the “leader” flicking her short brown hair away from her face “whatcha laughing at dweeb?”
Autumn looked at them, a hint of fear was present, but she didn’t allow it to show, instead, looking at them with a passive face. She could hear them taunting and calling her names, though none of them affected her as much as what came next. One of the girls came up and slapped her across the face, the impact was that hard that it caused Autumn to stumble to the side and fall to her knees. Her eyes went wide as she gingerly touched to pain, it hurt…a lot.

“Listen when we are talking to you brat!” the leader shouted and swiftly kicked her in the stomach. Autumn doubled over, her head hitting the pavement hard as she spat out some saliva. She heard the girls laugh and whispering to one another, she turned to see what they were up to, but all she saw was a foot and an agonizing pain to the side of her head. The girls began to bunch round her and kick her from all angles, laughing and spiting at her as they went. Autumn’s eyes began to tear up, but she dismissed it quickly, she was not going to cry, this pain is NOTHING! Autumn bared her teeth; she grabbed one of the oncoming kicks and dug her claws into the skin. A girl with strawberry blond hair squealed and tried to retract her leg away but was futile.

A dark chuckle escaped from Autumn’s throat, and she began to draw blood from the ankle, a wild look crossed her face. The girl kicks at her harder, and the other girls try to help, but still she could not escape Autumn’s grasp. “What the hell is with this brat!” a chubby girl said.

Suddenly the chubby girl got soccer punched in the face. The others turned around to see a girl, with short boyish black hair. She looked at them with violet eyes and kicks another girl in the stomach, which only left two. The leader snarled and sprinted at the mystery girl, but only getting an upper cut which sent the girl flying back. Autumn had let go of the girl she was holding onto, and watched on with disbelief.

The leader scowled and called retreat to the others. “Next time you witch!” she called out and began to run away, the others in tow. The mystery girl wasn’t fazed one bit but instead turned to Autumn and ran over to her.

“Hey, are you alright?” she asked, gently taking hold of her arm and hauling her up.
Autumn smiled and nodded, “all thanks to you yes,” she then winced and rubbed the side of her face, trying to ease the burning pain. She then notices the girl frown and dig into her little satchel and take out a small container.

“Don’t worry, this will fix you right up,” the girl said and opened it, dipping to fingers into the white cream and rubbing it tenderly onto the wounds.

Autumn kept staring at her as she did this, her heart fluttered and she blushed. Why would this girl help me? Aren’t I suppose to be a “commoner” she looks like one of though rich people, she thought, now looking at her clothes, she wore a long sleeve turtle neck shirt made of some really nice grey wool, she wore a black silky skirt and black sandals with pearls embroider on the sides. So if she was some rich girl…why was she helping her?

“My name is Saya Thomas,” she said, smiling up at Autumn, “And you?”

“Autumn…just Autumn,” she reluctantly replied and turned away slightly, hiding the blush that still displayed across her face.

“What a nice name, say, do you want to be friends?” Saya asked, leaning over to peer at her face. Autumn looked at her bewildered, was she joking or something? She wants to be friends with a girl like her? She frowned.

“Why?” she questioned.

“Why? Well…” she looked up in thought, and then a smile etched her lips. “Because you remind me of…well me, I know what it’s like to be alone, so, friends?” she extended her hand out to her, her eyes gleaming with hope. Autumn looked down at the hand, the memory of that boy Yoshiro appeared when he did the same thing, but he didn’t ask to be friends, were they friends? She didn’t know but this girl certainly wanted to be her friend. What should I do? Maybe….Autumn took her hand and shook it, giving off her own smile.

“I would love to be your friend!” she happily said. Their hands still locked together, the two girls looked at one another, smiling.


Ryu hacked at the rock in front of him, stopping every now and then to wipe the sweat from his forehead. His breathing became ragged and strained, but he kept of swinging his pickaxe. A buff man approached him, and towered behind his back.

“Wow, such intensity in your swings, never seen you work so hard Ryu?” a deep masculine voice spoke to him. Ryu turned and sneered at the man.

“I see your slacking off like always Sean…”

The man bellowed with laughter, “I can fill ten loads of rock in just an hour, where you can barely do two!” he said. Over exaggerating bit there pal, Ryu thought, and kept on working. “So why today so special that you are working so hard, I’ve never seen you like this? Maybe it has to do with that little girl of yours…”

Ryu threw his pickaxe at the man, just missing him by an inch, he glared and the man Sean. “That is none of your concern, why don’t you fuck off and let me do my job, or the next time I won’t miss,” he threatened.

“Alright, fine, I’m backing off, just remember this Ryu; you can’t keep that secret from her forever you know.” And with that said he trudged off with a huff. Ryu only stared at the walls of rock around him; he bit his lip and tore the pickaxe from the wall, clenching tightly on the handle. I know…but, I just can’t…

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