Death Wish

Autumn, a girl who was casted away by her parents and raised up by a demon. Everyone hates her except for a girl named Saya who befriends her...But, insanity slowly consumes Autumn, destruction soon follows, will she be saved from this madness...or will it mean death to humanity...
Read and find out xD


3. 5 Years Later

At that moment in his life, he felt something stir within him, something he didn’t liked but welcomed anyway. When Autumn had said that one word, he knew his life would never be the same again…like it was anyway. So that was it. He became a father, and boy hell did he go through to raise her.

                                                           5 years later
Snoring erupted throughout the small house. A figure lay sleeping shirtless on a double bed, arms and legs stretched out like a starfish. He grumbled and muttered some gibberish words and turned over, taking the thick black blanket with him. The room was dark; the only light present was the flickering of fire by the fireplace, keeping the room nice and toasty, this brought a small smile to Ryu’s lips as he buried his face more into the pillow. Next to him on the bedside table were a pocket knife and a clock that read 2:00am in the morning.

Small pattering of feet scurried across the floor and to the door of the room. A small pale hand reached out and slowly twisted the knob, gently opening the door and peeking inside. Warmth immediately wrapped around the figure as she walked in and silently closed the door behind her, wincing at the small click the door made when it fully closed. The figure crept more towards Ryu, making notes to be extra quiet as she approached him, a cheeky smile playing on her lips. Blue eyes peered down at him, a hand extending to his cheek and gently laying there, soothing the area before…grabbing a bundle of skin, she wrenched back, dragging the side of his cheek with her painfully.

Ryu’s eyes shot opened as he squeaked in pain, shoving aside the person and quickly flicking the light on to know who the culprit was that painfully pinched his cheek. Standing innocently with hands clasped behind her back was none other than Autumn, with her cute little pout and short black hair framing her chubby face. Ryu sighed loudly, how he wanted to drop dead now.

“What the fuck do you want now twerp?” he said tiredly, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. 5 long years he had to put up with this annoyance, he was thankful at times when Remy came over to look after her for a while when he was legit about to go insane.

“I can’t sleep,” was her answer, she looked at the ground and pouted more, and wriggling her toes around in interest. “I was wandering if I could sleep with you daddy?” eyes glint with hope as she looked up at him.
He blankly stared at her, contemplating whether to let her stay or not. How he had to fight the big urge to pound his head into a wall. He cracked an awkward smile, which twitched non-stop and walked over to her, crouching to her level and ruffling her hair. “As long as you don’t annoy daddy while he’s sleeping, daddy has to get up early to take you to your first day of school today, okay?” his almost begged. He saw her grin widely and nods her head at him.

He stood up and walked over to the bed and lay down, pulling the covers over his body and arms under his head as he stared up at the ceiling blankly. He felted Autumn crawl under the covers and laid her head at the side of his ribs. He stared down at her delicate face, how fragile she looked before him. A strong urge to pull her closer erupted in his chest, but he dismissed it quickly and turned his head away, now looking at the closed curtains with the black sky behind them…slowly, he too started drifted off to sleep.

Ryu slammed his fist down on the annoying clock and grumbled some unpleasant curses. He turned over, laying on something moving beneath him, he groggily opened his eyes not just yet motivated to move.

Autumn on the other hand was struggling to breathe, trying to twist and turn in desperate need for air. Her heart began to thud loudly and she did the only thing she could do, she kneed Ryu right in the groin. Immediately the weight was lifted off her and followed by a loud clonk.

“AH FUCK! You’re gonna pay for that bitch!” Ryu gasped out, shaking slightly from the pain.

Autumn looked over the bed and at the scene, a small smile broadened her lips and she giggled. “Daddy, you look funny,” was her reply. She hopped off the bed and walked towards him, she heard him say ‘no shit you slut’ but brush it off like it was nothing; she leaned down and rubbed his back to distract him from the pain. “Hey daddy, you have to hurry up, you have to take me to school today!” she chirped and sprung to her feet.

Ryu glared at her and slowly stood, wincing even now and then. “Well then get fucking dressed and I’ll take you!” he shot back.  Autumn pouted and walked out, walking into her room, which was pretty little but she didn’t complain and walked over to her little blue desk, where she pulled open the draws and took out a white dress with little red ribbons sowed through it. She began to stare at it blankly.

They were poor, it was very obvious but she wouldn’t have it any other way, she seen rich people, seen how they act and think the world revolves around them. They think they’re the best, and laugh at the “commoners” as they call them, their greedy and disgusting. Autumn knew how hard it was for daddy to earn money nowadays, he’s been working his butt off for them, yet when the tax collectors come, they just demand for more and more money. Autumn balled her tiny fists. Why are they so cruel? Why do they do this to us! Tears began to prick the corner of her eyes but she quickly shook them away. She promised herself she would never cry….never. She pulled on the dress and flattened it out around her figure.

Ryu stood by the door, impatiently tapping his foot on the wooden floor and taking a drag of his cigarette. Damn, what’s taking the little twerp so long?  He thought and looked down at his watch, it was 8:00, and school doesn’t start till 8:30, and it takes about 20min to get there. He pulled an annoyed frown and looked at his watch again, 8:01 it read. Okay, that’s it! He was about to storm into her room when she walked out.

“What took you so fucking long? He demanded. She gingerly smiled and scratched the back of her head.

“Sorry dad,” he sighed and turned away.

“Come on, you don’t want to be late on your first day right?” he grumbled and opened the door. She smiled up at him and nodded.

The two began to walk along the dirt foot path, Ryu reluctantly holding Autumn’s hand. They walked past small market places and farms, occasionally having a car drive past…only rich people own cars. Autumn tightened her hold on Ryu, looking on with dead eyes as another car drove past, this time splashing mud on them. She could hear Ryu swearing and calling out to them for a fight, but they were always long gone. Autumn looked up at her dad and smiled, giving him a comforting squeeze, but he would only glare at her and violently rip his hand away from her and fold his arms. She couldn’t blame him, he is who he is.

Soon they approach the school, other kids walking with their parents. But something struck Autumn as she saw each kid walk inside the school gates. They were laughing, they were happy, and so were the parents, they held onto each other in a way that Autumn had never seen before. Some kids were on their fathers back, pretending to be an airplane, some were joyfully swinging arms with their mothers…mother…Autumn never experienced having a mother before, her heart clenched painfully as she watched in slight envy at each kid that walked past. She looked up at Ryu, who looked at them with a scowl on him face, as if he thought they were all disgusting. Autumn’s eyebrow furrowed.

Suddenly she felt her arm get roughly pulled as Ryu started dragging her into the school. “Come on, the sooner I drop you off, the better.” He said.  They walked through the hallways, parents looking at them weirdly and kids laughing. Autumn felt a little embarrassed and tried to hide her face as much as possible.

“Hey look mum, she’s wearing rags!” one kid pointed at her and laughed. The mother giggled for a second and lightly whacked the kids head. “Don’t be mean Fredrick!”

“Is she a commoner” another said. “Obviously, she can’t even afford shoes!” “Yeah, and what’s up with the scar on her face?” “Hey! It just shows how pathetic her parents are, like come on, look at the guy next to her, who would wear a shirt like that?” Autumn looked at her dad’s shirt from the corner of her eyes, it was a black shirt with flames all at the front and in big bold letters it said You are DEAD to me!  She felt her cheeks glow red, and the children’s words began to take effect. “He must be on drugs,” “Typical commoners!” Autumn’s teeth clenched, her breathing became rapid, but it all went away as they reached a huge door that said in gold writing Principals office.

“Guess this is the fucking place,” He muttered to himself and knocked on the door.

“Come in,” a girlish squeak came from the other side. Ryu raised a dark eyebrow and opened the door. There in front of him, stood a redhead busty looking girl who looked to be in her teens, she wore very inappropriate clothes which Ryu found to be disgusting and she was leaning against the side of the table in a very seductive way. “You must be Ryu, am I correct?” she said in a cheerful way, her voice already becoming very annoying to Ryu.

“Unfortunately….” He replied.

“My name is Leo Shao,” she extended a hand out to him, but he only looked at it and brushed it aside.

“Like I care, just enrol my daughter in and I’ll be on my way,” he said, pushing Autumn in front of him, hoping to gain some space away from the weird chick. The lady seemed to be displeased by this as she slightly advanced towards him.

“Why in such a hurry? Why not a tour of the school?” she said, sporting a flirtatious smile, which appeared the opposite to Ryu who resisted the urge to vomit.

“Sorry lady, I have work in an hour, your slutty motives aren’t going to work on me so I suggest you get this over and done with or I’ll do it myself,” he growled, baring his teeth at her.

“Very well, I like men like you, playing hard to get,” she giggled, “I suppose it can’t be helped,” she whispered the last part and walked around her desk and pulled out some paper. “Just put your daughter’s name at the top; put your contacts and address here and sign here and here and you can leave.” And Ryu did just that.

“There, I’m off, be good Autumn, I don’t want no fucking phone call concerning you, got it!” he warned and ruffled her head.

“Yes daddy,” she said, smiling up at him. He turned away from her quickly and stormed out of the room. Autumn, kept smiling, even as he was gone, but inside, she felt alone, so very alone. She slowly turned to the “principal” who was staring at her, having an evil glint in her eyes. Autumn gulped.

“Welcome to hell brat…”

A/N: Here is chappy 3! I'm debating on whether to post a pic of what Ryu and Remy look like, but I'm gonna leave it up to you guys xD ;) until next time peeps!

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