One Day

A guy named Danny makes his first friend but something happened moments after their marriage leaving him heartbroken.


3. The Wedding

Years after the proposal in the park, they started thinking about their wedding and have now decided to have it the first Thursday of Summer, where Danny proposed and Kelly said “Yes.” With everything planned and paid for, all they have to do is wait until the next day… The first Thursday of Summer.

Morning came, Danny and Kelly woke up. Danny changed into his suit and Kelly, her dress. Danny thought of his future and what would happen when it’s finished, but not Kelly. Kelly knew her life would be better…for both of them. 

The time had come for them to get in the car, to the centre of the park, where everyone would be waiting for them to say something Danny had wanted to say all his life.


Everyone clapped and cheered for the new couple, Kelly and Danny. They head to his apartment, but Kelly unexpectedly walks away through the bushes, into the woods. 


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