One Day

A guy named Danny makes his first friend but something happened moments after their marriage leaving him heartbroken.


4. The Escape

In front of her stood a man, good looking, handsome, Kelly couldn't keep her hands off him. Sill knowing Danny would be heartbroken she got into his car and drove away. Danny looked out of his window overlooking the park only to see Kelly and her new boyfriend drive away.

Danny walked to his bed, sat still for a while then tears started to fill his eyes flooding his view of good memories watching them all fall away into his pillow. 

Meanwhile, outside there was screams from nearby people running to their cars and driving away. Danny didn't know what they were screaming for, until he felt a rush of heat and a flash of smoke, he knew that he was in danger. 


The sound of the alarm started to get louder but Danny knew a way out. He got to his window and climbed down the ladder the window cleaner had left there moments ago before the fire. Kelly drove past and watched, as his apartment building fell to ashes. But she didn't care. She had someone so much better in every possible way.


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