The Street Urchin

The Street Urchin is set in North shields and tells of young Billy Phelps a promising young footballer- his father is a trawlerman and has no time for his children or his wife when he meets a Norwegian girl and begins an affair.
The impact of the the marriage break up and triumph over adversity are told in this heartwarming story.


56. 56

It was three months later that Albert received a letter from Hardy and Williamson solicitors asking him to appear in court on the 14th of October to settle a divorce claim.

Albert scrunched up the letter and threw it into the boats galley stove. The flames licked the paper until it turned to ash. He hadn’t seen his children in all that time as he claimed he was busy.

He knew he would have to see them sometime so he got into the van and drove around to the house.

The neighbours came out to the door now as the suspected that something was wrong between Albert and his wife. Hannah had put it about the night he came to collect his wife that night that something was wrong.

He got out of the van and was about to open the door with his key but thought better of it and knocked on the door instead.

It was John who opened the door and Liz shouted from the living room “Who is it John?

“Its dad.”

Liz came to the door asking what he wanted. “I’ve come to see my kids.”

Liz shouted for Alan and Billy to come to the door.

They came to the door but Alan and John stood behind their mother.

Hi Kids do you want to come for a ride in the van with me?

“No said Billy and turned around and went back into the house; Alan followed and then john.

“There’s your answer; but what did you expect after three months?

“How are you Lizzy?

“I’m doing fine; no thanks to you.”

“Look I didn’t come to fight.” He held out a brown envelope and offered it to Liz who looked inside to find it was full of money.

“What’s this for?

“You can keep that if you stop the court case against me.”

“You having a laugh aren’t you?

“No I’m serious.”

“Look there’s no way that I’m not going fight you for every penny you owe me.

By the way you forgot Billy’s birthday; you could have at least sent a card.”

“I honestly forgot Liz you know what I’m like for remembering dates. “ Well October the 14th is one you are never going to forget, I’m keeping this money for the maintenance you owe me.”  I want the keys to the house as well.”

Albert handed over a key fob with the front and back door keys on it.

Liz shut the door in his face.

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