The Street Urchin

The Street Urchin is set in North shields and tells of young Billy Phelps a promising young footballer- his father is a trawlerman and has no time for his children or his wife when he meets a Norwegian girl and begins an affair.
The impact of the the marriage break up and triumph over adversity are told in this heartwarming story.


22. 22

“Susan when are you going to the “Chippy we’re starving?

“Wait until after Coronation Street.

“That’s on ages.”

“No it isn’t; it’s only on half an hour. Now shut up or I will send you all to bed.”

“Just because you haven’t got a telly in your house; said Billy as he slumped back on the sofa with his arms folded.

“We are getting a telly next week mam said.”

Albert Tatlock was leaning over the bar in the Rovers Return as Annie Walker was serving a customer. Minnie Colewell walked into the snug and sat with Ena Sharples and the two of them were calling Elsie Tanner.

The black and white screen jumped so Billy got up and banged the top of the television.

“It does that all the time and that’s what my dad does and it goes right. See it’s alright now.”

Billy sat until the programme had finished and then asked again if Susan was going to get their chips.

“Alright; Susan got up then took the money that had been left on the top of the tiled fire place and told them not to go anywhere until she came back.

“Don’t forget to get some batter on them and salt and vinegar.”

“I won’t; Susan shouted as she went up the street.

Billy got up from his seat and turned the television over onto BBC 1 where “Handcocks Half Hour was on.

Billy turned the set back to ITV where “Gunsmoke” was just starting.

John and Alan sat up because they loved cowboys and Indians.

Sometimes their father would give them pocket money and they would go to the Gourmont picture house in North Shields on a Saturday morning.

They all liked the cartoons then Laurel and Hardy’s comic antics.

They had enough money to buy a bottle of sarsaparilla, an ice cream cup and a bar of Highland toffee.

Susan returned with their chips so Billy went to the Larder and took out a big bottle of Heinz tomato sauce.

Susan handed them all a wrapped parcel of chips. Then she sat down and opened hers.

“Pass me the sauce after you Billy she said.”

“I’m not watching cowboy’s either so turn it over.

“Oh come on Susan let us watch this then we will go to bed.”

“Alright then but straight to bed mind you or I will get wrong off your mother.


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