The Street Urchin

The Street Urchin is set in North shields and tells of young Billy Phelps a promising young footballer- his father is a trawlerman and has no time for his children or his wife when he meets a Norwegian girl and begins an affair.
The impact of the the marriage break up and triumph over adversity are told in this heartwarming story.


19. 19

Albert reached the dockside, he shouted for Alvin who came up from below.

Using the winch he sent up a crate where Alvin placed all the stores and the clean towels and sheets for the bunks. The crew arrived as they were instructed they came aboard and prepared to set sail at six o’clock. The engine was started and the safety checks done as usual when the skipper was satisfied that everything was in order he sent one of the crew up to untie the ropes. He quickly came back on board after throwing the rope onto the deck and they set off. Mick asked if we were going back to the same spot as last time. It depends on the weather Mick the weather me be against us. If we can reach the fishing grounds in six hours then we may have a chance to shoot the net at least four times before the storm hits us. Albert had the radio on in case the weather changed suddenly.

Reports of gale force winds were coming in the next twenty four hours.

The crew made the most of the calm weather by fixing the nets. Re-splicing ropes and checking the otter board chains and wires.

Alvin Willis had actually refitted the storeroom out so they could now get another 300 boxes of fish in there. This would bring in more money for both the skipper and the crew providing they could locate the shoals of cod.


Hannah knocked on the door she was wearing white coat with a fur collar black fishnet stockings held up with a suspender belt and a pair of black painted leather stilettos.

Billy opened the door then shouted up to his mother that Hannah and Susan were here. Lizzy shouted down that she wouldn’t be long. She sprayed Bellaire hairspray from a bottle then applied her red lipstick.

She grabbed her light blue coat and put on her white high heels which went with her light tanned stockings.

“Right boys you do as you’re told mind; I’ve left money for Susan to get you all some chips. I won’t be late.

“Bye mam they all shouted as their mother and Hannah walked up the street.

“We are going to have to hurry if we are going to play the first game of bingo.”

 It’s half seven now so we have just fifteen minutes to get there.

Lizzy lit up a Woodbine cigarette then took a puff and blew out the smoke.

“Don’t know how you can inhale that lot; God knows what state your lungs are in.”

“Nothing wrong with my lungs, Albert has never complained she laughed as she pushed her breasts together. They were just in time for the first game of bingo as they sat down and took out a pen from their hand bags.

“Eyes down your first number!


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