The Street Urchin

The Street Urchin is set in North shields and tells of young Billy Phelps a promising young footballer- his father is a trawlerman and has no time for his children or his wife when he meets a Norwegian girl and begins an affair.
The impact of the the marriage break up and triumph over adversity are told in this heartwarming story.


18. 18

Albert was packing a thick woollen jumper when Billy came in from school with Alan and John.

“Where you going dad said John?

“I’ve got to go back out tonight because of the change in the weather.”

“Where’s your mother?

“She’s over at Hannah Victoria’s house doing her hair.

Grabbing all the towels and clean sheets he placed them into a large army kit bag

“Tell your mother I will be back on Monday.”

“Are you not going over to see her dad?

“I haven’t got time the lads are waiting and I’ve got to sail at six o’clock.

Albert had changed into his old jeans some woollen socks that were folded over his black wellingtons. He put on his waterproof jacket then checked the time it was quarter to five.

He picked up the bags, threw them into the van, he then got in and drove off.

“His son’s were waving on the kerbside but he didn’t even notice.

Billy ran over to Hannah’s house to tell his mother that his father had gone.

“He didn’t even say goodbye.” Bloody men she cursed.”


Are you still going to the Pan Shop Club tonight then?

“Well yes, if I can get a baby sitter.”

“Our Susan will look after the boys for you.”

“There goes my two pounds for doing your hair then she laughed as she finished blow drying and combing Hannah’s hair.

See you at seven o’clock then, I will bring Susan with me.

“Alright; I’m going back to have a bath before I go out.

Billy walked back with his mother can we stay up and watch some television then mam. Maybe for an hour or two but then its bed ok you still have school in the morning.

“What we having for tea then mam?

 “Is food all you think about?

“We will be hungry later mam; can we get some chips from Hadaways.

“Alright but you will have to wait until Susan gets here.

Lizzy went straight into the bathroom and turned on the bathtaps. She put some Radox in the water then got the bottle of Vosene shampoo from the bathroom cabinet.

She opened the cupboard and took out a couple of towels.

She opened new bar of Pears soap then stepped into the bath and lay for a good fifteen minutes before she washed her hair.

Lizzy was still mad at Albert for leaving like that. He seemed as though this boat was taking over his life. He showed more interest in the Misty Dawn than her these days.

She would be having words with him when he returned. She picked up the soap and began to wash.

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