The Seagulls Song

A young woman discovers she has breast cancer and tells her friend and neighbour- her son is a promising young footballer and his father likes a pint or three. Get the hankies ready when reading this one.


5. 5

Georgie Johansson rolled out of bed at eight thirty; he was late; went to the toilet then popped into the bathroom had a quick wash. He shouted to his mother as he dried his face.

Mother! I’m late; make me a slice of toast will you?

Margaret got up then put on her dressing gown before going to the loo.

Georgie was brushing his teeth as his mother told him to hurry up so she could wash her hands. Georgie took the glass from the wooden ledge that Jim Smith his dads work mate had made for them and rinsed out his mouth.

He dried his mouth on the towel then raced into the bedroom, picking up his black school pants, white shirt, and school tie.

The tie was loosely around the shirt that was buttoned up just below the neck; he slipped it over his head then fastened the buttons. He then put on his pants; fastening the black leather belt. Georgie sat on the unmade bed to put on his black school shoes.

After tying the laces he stood up and polished them using the back of his trouser leg whilst standing on one leg and using his other to rub the shoe up and down then changed over until both shoes looked clean. He took his School blazer from the hanger on the dado rail and put it on.

Georgie went into the scullery as his mother was putting out his toast.

“Thanks mam he said kissing her on the cheek.”

He only took one slice then ran down the passage; “see you later mam bye, Georgie didn’t wait for the reply.

Georgie was munching on his toast as he ran down the back lane down towards Ralph Gardner School. He looked in his pocked for the folded up timetable that told him what lesson he was at then hurried on. The school bell was ringing just as he walked into the bottom gate where the sea training mast stood in the yard like some phallic symbol.

Turning right he saw the caretaker in his brown bib and brace shovelling coke for the boiler to heat the school radiators which were never hot.

He ran up the flight of steps then past the science lab on the right before turning left then up another fight of stairs that led to his classroom but he carried on until he came to another flight of stairs turned left then through the double doors. The main hall was on the right the door was open and Mr Wilson was ushering everyone in.


Mr Brassington stood on the Stage along with his deputy head Mr Marsland.

“Good morning all said the headmaster with his Brummie accent.”

“Later this week we will be holding our sports day. Everyone will be in attendance. I would like to wish all those taking part the best of luck. “Let us give them a Jolly good clap.”




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