The Seagulls Song

A young woman discovers she has breast cancer and tells her friend and neighbour- her son is a promising young footballer and his father likes a pint or three. Get the hankies ready when reading this one.


40. 40

The quarter final match against East End Boys was won 2-1 Georgie got the winner in the seventieth minute. They now had to play Whitley Warriors in the semi final which would be played next weekend at Whitley Bay. Tom was there with his son when he scored. Tom encouraged his son to do well for his team and he now had booked his place on the side. Colin Moses and the rest of the team had rallied around him since the death of his mother. Colin was a regular visitor at the house and the two of them had got themselves girlfriends. Georgie met the girls at the game when they approached Georgie and Colin.

Tom was pleased that he was getting on with his life.


The phone rang and Tom answered; it was Keith asking him if he was coming out.

“Don’t know mate.”

“Come on there’s a good group on at the Chirton club tonight.”

 “I know, but you will be with Alice; I don’t want to play gooseberry.”

Alice isn’t coming tonight.”

“Why not?

“She is going to her mother’s house tonight so I’m on my Jack Jones.”

“Alright I will see you up stairs around eight o’clock.

“Make it seven thirty the band starts then.”

“Who’s playing like?

“They have “Tex Leon and the Tynesiders” then “Goldie” in the second half.”

“Right I will be there.”

Tom went to his son’s room Colin was in the room with him.

“Keith has asked me to go to the Chirton Club tonight Georgie do you mind if I go?

“You get yourself out dad; it’s time you moved on now.”

Tom had a shave then ironed a shirt for himself. He thought that he would put on his Ben Sherman Suite tonight for a change. He polished his red Leather soled loafers with Tuxtan and Ox blood polish then buffed them up with the red brushes that he kept under the sink unit. He put on a pair of red socks then slipped on his shoes. He put on his wrist watch after checking the time.

“I’m off then Georgie, do you need money?

“No; we are staying in; see you later then dad.”

Tom thought about taking the Vauxhall Viva that he’d bought but thought better of it.

He walked past the houses on Front Street; the seggs in his shoes resonated off the ground as he turned the corner and opened the door to the club. Once inside he showed his CIU Card then headed up stairs. The club was packed and Keith had to stand up so that Tom could see him.

“Got you one in mate said Keith.

“Cheers; I wasn’t expecting as many as this in here.

“Always packed when Goldie are on Tom.”



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