The Seagulls Song

A young woman discovers she has breast cancer and tells her friend and neighbour- her son is a promising young footballer and his father likes a pint or three. Get the hankies ready when reading this one.


34. 34

The vegetables didn’t long to prepare with the two women in the kitchen. Yvonne mixed the batter to make the Yorkshire pudding in a big tray the sausages were part cooked to get the fat out of them before adding them to the batter mix and putting them into a hot oven. Then all that needed to be done was to cook the vegetables until they were tender. Margaret made the gravy from OXO and a little Bisto’ gravy salt and a rue made with cornflour to thicken the gravy.

“I’m in your debt again Yvonne.”

“You owe me nothing Margaret it was my pleasure to help; I will drop by tomorrow if you are up to it pet; alright.”

“Thanks I will get round to drafting the letter when I feel better. It has been an exhausting day.

Yvonne gave her friend a cuddle before she left.

Margaret sat down on the settee after she had taken out the toad in the hole that was now done she turned on the vegetables. She looked at the clock it was four thirty five Georgie would be in soon she thought. Margaret nodded off briefly until she heard Georgie coming in. she rose from the chair and went to turn down the vegetables.

“Hello son; are you hungry are you going to wait until your father gets in?

“I will wait for dad mam.”

“Tom was early because it was normally around five thirty before he got in.

“Hello love; Tom kissed his wife then said; something smells good what’s for dinner?

“I made toad in the hole with a few vegetables and gravy.

“Lovely; just give me five minutes to wash and I will be with you.”

Georgie had taken off his school uniform and hung it on the dado rail he put on his Adidas tracksuit bottoms and a vest then marched into the scullery and sat down.

“Have you washed your hands Georgie?

“They’re clean look!

“I don’t care; go wash them in the sink there.”

Georgie squeezed some Fairy washing up liquid into the palm of his hand and began washing them.

He dried them on the tea towel then hung it over the warm oven to dry.

Tom had changed and he came into the scullery and sat down as his wife put out their dinners.

She only had a tea plate of food herself and then she just ate half of it.

“Mam are you on a diet? You’ve hardly touched your dinner.”

“I had a big lunch today son that’s why I’m not having much.

“What are you doing tonight?

“I might go see Colin.”

“Why don’t you two go to the pictures tonight?

“You know his mam hasn’t got a lot to give him mam.”

“I will give you enough so you both can go.”

“Thanks mam; did I say you were the best mam in the whole world?

“I will go around after my dinner and ask him.”


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