The Seagulls Song

A young woman discovers she has breast cancer and tells her friend and neighbour- her son is a promising young footballer and his father likes a pint or three. Get the hankies ready when reading this one.


33. 33

All day at work Tom hardly said a word both Jim Smith and Ray Rowley picked up on it.

“Come on mate it can’t be all that bad.”

“It’s worse; was the quiet response.”

The two men put down their tools and walked along the roof top to where their colleague was and sat down.

“Come on! out with it.”

“It’s Margaret.

“Have you two had a row?

“No I wish to hell it was just that I can tell you.”

 “Come on then Tom you can tell us; we’ve known you since you were a bloody apprentice.”

“Margaret has cancer in her breast.”

“Oh shit; we are sorry mate; when did you find out?

“Just yesterday.

It’s amazing what they can do now you know Tom; more people are surviving the disease.

“She has been given eight months to live as the cancer is an aggressive type.

The tears were rolling down Tom’s cheek as he spoke.

“Look Tom I think you need to be at home with Margaret not up a bloody roof mate.”

“Margaret doesn’t want fuss lads; she wants us to carry on as if everything is alright and clearly it isn’t.”

“I need to work to earn a living; Margret is a proud woman she would expect me to carry on and I’m going to abide by her wishes until the time comes when she is too ill to look after herself.”

“She is one brave lady indeed.”

“I know; that is why it is going to be hard without her.” She is stronger than me I can tell you.”

 Come on let’s go down and have a cup of coffee.”

“You know she still got up and made my sandwiches and coffee this morning.”

“She’s an absolute star.”

Ray came down the ladder first followed by Jim then finally Tom.

They took their food from the van and opened their flasks. Tom poured out the coffee his wife had made and took a bite from the ham lettuce and tomato sandwich.

The three men sat in silence whilst they finished their dinner.

Tom was the first to speak when he thanked the lads for being so understanding.

If you need to get away at any time just let us know Tom.

Thanks lads.



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