The Seagulls Song

A young woman discovers she has breast cancer and tells her friend and neighbour- her son is a promising young footballer and his father likes a pint or three. Get the hankies ready when reading this one.


26. 26


Margaret was greeted like royalty as she entered the bingo after her historic win. She was the first person to scoop the National game at a bingo hall anywhere. They were given priority seats and they even got a free drink. They got their books and sat down to play.

Margaret didn’t expect to win again after last night but she did; this time though it was for a £50.00 house. She again shared the money with her friend.

Yvonne never mentioned the things Nigel had said the night before. She was too  ashamed to say anything and was grateful that Margaret had given her three thousand pounds.

It was more money that she had ever had at one time in her life.

When the bingo was over she walked back with Yvonne; she asked if she wanted to come to the Ridges inn with her and Tom but she declined saying she had to put up Nigel’s bait for work. Yvonne said she would give her a knock in the morning for the doctor’s.

Margaret waved to Yvonne as she left her and walked slowly down to the Ridges inn.

“She didn’t like the idea of sitting in a pub all night just drinking; she would rather go to Chirton Club at least there was some form of entertainment that she could sit and enjoy.

They either had a live band or singer who would sing the music of their era.

There was bingo and domino cards as well that she liked. She opened the door to the lounge and went in where she saw Tom talking with Keith Heads and another woman.

“Hi said Margaret as she sat down at the table.

Hi Margaret; this is Alice said Tom.

Margaret nodded then took off her coat and placed it on the seat that no one was sitting at.

“What would you like to drink Margaret said Keith but Margaret took out a ten pound note from her purse and asked Tom to get the drinks in.

“Know doubt you heard about my bingo win said Margaret.”

“Yes, we did said Alice; “I bet you are over the moon.”

Margaret smiled and waited until Tom came back to the table with the drinks.

Margaret felt like getting drunk so that she would sleep tonight. She understood how prisoners of war awaiting execution must have felt; although she wasn’t going to be shot she felt the anticipated sense of doom.

She sipped on the lager and lime before she asked Alice how long she had been seeing Keith.

“Well ever since my friend Sandra and I came in here on Friday.”

“Tom knew Sandra from school before she moved away.”

“Oh she did; did she?

“Yes they had a good old catch up.”

“Funny how you never mentioned it Tom?

“Tom laughed embarrassingly, before he told Margaret that he thought it wasn’t that important.” The wheels were moving fast now inside Margaret’s head as she asked Keith about his three piece suite.


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