The Seagulls Song

A young woman discovers she has breast cancer and tells her friend and neighbour- her son is a promising young footballer and his father likes a pint or three. Get the hankies ready when reading this one.


25. 25

Taking the top off his burger Georgie squeezed some tomato sauce on his burger then passed it to his friend who in turn did the same.

The burgers here were good they were cheap too as Georgie bit into the bun. Some of the onions spilled out onto the plate which Georgie mopped up with his fingers.

He used the serviette to wipe his mouth as Tony told him that he would be playing in the quarter final and to keep training hard.

“Georgie admired Tony who was a great footballer.

The door opened and in walked Ken Armstrong and Snapper; they came over and sat behind.

Sammy came over and asked what they wanted; the two boys looked at each other then said “nowt at the moment Sammy; but I will shortly don’t worry; give us time to order we just sat down.”

Sammy walked away from the table in disgust as he knew the boys rarely spent anything and just sat around.

Georgie got up and gave Snapper twenty pence and told him to put the money into the Juke box and told him to play “Saturday night’s alright for fighting” by Elton John.

You got five songs played for the money and he thought it would keep Sammy happy.

Georgie and his friend played on the pinball machine in the right hand corner of the room. The planets was a new game that Sammy had got installed it proved a winner until he left the keys in the machine to the cashbox and it was emptied. The key was duplicated and the lads would come in and play all afternoon for nothing by simply opening the door and flicking the replay button which went up to ten plays at one time. Colin hit the ball bearing up the table and the points started to accumulate until one of the planets lit up; the more points you got the more planets lit up until you got to the sun where you got a free play.

A lot of” Bikers “used the café and often fights would break out they would park their highly polished motor bikes outside the front window so they could keep an eye on them.

They played heavy rock tunes on the Juke box which wasn’t to the regulars liking. Ken Armstrong would get out of his seat and nudge the juke box and the song that was being played would stop abruptly and another would be played. Ken would continue to bump the juke box until the songs the regulars liked were played.

The bikers would stand up and threaten to bust the scull of the young lad but they ended up losing the argument when they were out numbered.

One night Snapper sneaked out and poured a tin of gloss paint over the motorbikes. Slowly everyone left the café and hid over the road until the bikers came out to find their machines had been sabotaged. The lads came out from their hiding places; dropped their pants and showed their arses at the bikers, before running off.

The bikers couldn’t give chase because the seats were covered in paint.

After several incidents where their tyres were either let down or slashed

The “Bikers” got the message and didn’t come back.


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