The Seagulls Song

A young woman discovers she has breast cancer and tells her friend and neighbour- her son is a promising young footballer and his father likes a pint or three. Get the hankies ready when reading this one.


23. 23

Tom waited until his son had showered and changed before they headed home.

On the way back his father gave his son some pointers to keep in mind for the next game which he surely would now play in since a player was now on the injury list.

Georgie told his mother how he had scored a goal and that his team were now in the quarter finals as she put out their Sunday dinners.

They chatted away at the table as they ate their meal which seemed to take the worry of the examination and blood results that Margaret faced tomorrow morning.

Tom asked if Margaret wanted to go to the Ridges inn with him.

His wife told him that she would call in after the bingo with Yvonne.

Georgie went into his room after he’d washed up for his mother. He put on the “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” album by Elton John then plugged in his headphones and turned up the volume.

Margaret went to get herself ready; she forced herself to try and keep things as normal as possible as she fixed her hair and make up before putting on her coat.

“I will see you later then Love.”

“Alright then; I will be in the lounge at nine thirty.”

Tom heard her knock on Yvonne’s door as her went into bathroom and had a shave.

He took out a “Wilkinson Sword” blade from the small wrapper with two crossed swords on it and unscrewed the razor and removed the old blade and replaced it with the new one. He lathered the “Old Spice” soap with a shaving brush then rubbed it into his face.

The basin was filled with hot water as he removed the stubble from his chin the scum floated on the top of the water like cream on an espresso coffee.

When he’d finished he tried to remove the plug without burning his hand in the boiling water; plunging his hand into the water quickly he grabbed the small chain then pulled. He withdrew his hand and shook it as the heat penetrated his skin.

He turned on the cold tap and let the water rinse away the hairs before rinsing his face. The shock of the cold water quickly closed the pores in his skin. He turned and pulled the towel from the rail on the back of the door and dried his face then checked in the mirror for any hairs he had missed.

He put on a Ben Sherman shirt and a pair of Levi Stay Pressed two tone trousers he slid the black belt across the eyelets then put the pin in the hole and slid the end into the recess on the belt.

He shined his loafers then put them on before going into his son’s room to tell him he was going out. Tom put a five pound not on the table next to his son and told him to go and enjoy himself.

“Benny and the Jets” resonated out of the headphones as he took them off to thank his father.

“See you later dad.”

“You will; by.”

The front door slammed as his father went out.

Georgie unplugged the headphones so the music could be played as he sang along.


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